Your Terms, Your Conditions – Live Life the Way You Want

Lead your life

So many blogs, books, and movies are out there telling us how to lead a happy life. We often get inspired by these brilliant and constructive works, and put vigor in our daily activities to achieve something. But after a few months, weeks or sometimes within days our spirit goes down. Why? There are many reasons why we lose the energy and focus to live our lives fully. Let’s see those reasons.

Living someone else’s life

Your life needs to be based upon your passions, your interests, and your dreams. Your definition of success has to be defined by you. If you are following someone else’s guidelines and roadmap, how can you claim to be living your own life? Why are jokes related to Mondays so popular? Why does a majority of the population dislike Mondays so much? And these jokes are not just internet humor; they have been around from a long time. Why? Because every Friday (or Saturday) people look forward to rest and do things they like to do. And then on Mondays they are forced to get back to fulfilling someone else’s dreams, living someone else’s life. Do you find Mondays annoying too?

Explore your passion

If required, take a leave for a day or two, switch off the phone and just stay alone with yourself. Avoid switching on the TV and browsing the net too. Take the good old pen and paper and start writing your thoughts. Interview yourself. Ask questions –Am I only meant to dream about things and then just forget about them? What kind of work would excite me to wake up on a Monday morning and jump start the day? What makes me the best person to take charge of my life? Do I believe in my capabilities and strength? What drives my inner force? What kind of things I like doing for hours and hours without feeling stressed?

Note these answers down, and if there any self-doubts, jot them down too. These notes are going to play a highly important role in your life.

You have to pay bills, you have to manage those EMIs and you have to make some savings for your old age. But are these the only things for which you were born or are alive? No, you are here for the list that you just made.

Face your fears… by playing chess with it

The moment you’ll decide to make your dreams your priority, fear will kick in. It’s meant to, it’s required. See what all hurdles it talks about. Pay strong attention and spend time finding the answers. How do you attain the lifestyle you want? Is there a study which you need to do on a part-time basis, keeping your job with you? Will cutting down on extra breaks in office hours help in finishing office work early, so that you get time to work for yourself? Every day, what can you do that will take you one step closer to the life you desire?

Your fear will keep moving its side of chess pieces and you have to use your intellectual to counter them. Use your fear to your advantage. It poses threats only to keep you sharp and tactful.

Be responsible for your own actions

The path to self-laid goals is quite rocky. You will come across loads of discouragements and mockery. In the weaker moments, while paying for any of the decisions gone wrong, you’d want to blame others for your condition and back off. But in order to win, you need to fight this urge. Accept responsibility of all your actions – past and present. This attitude will allow you to prove your true mettle. You might sulk, but when you choose not to give up, your mind will stop throwing excuses and start learning from the situations and failures.

And then someday, you’ll get to lead your life on your terms and your conditions.