‘Unhealthy’ Emotions Can Lead You To True Happiness – Seems Unbelievable? Read On


The word ‘unhealthy’ sounds really dangerous. When we hear anything tagged with the word unhealthy, we make sure to maintain a distance from it, right? Pop some cheer pills, and turn your frown upside down. What if you were to realize that these troubling emotions are not unhealthy, and in fact they can actually make your life much happier?

Unhealthy emotions

Anger, bitterness, jealousy, and sorrow are considered unhealthy emotions. How can these lead to any sort of happiness? These emotions are triggers, expecting a strong action from you, to deal with the situation at hand. Imagine you’re competing with your colleagues to get the lead role in a project. You spend time and effort in making presentations for days. But when the moment of selection comes, the opportunity is given to someone else. What’s left with you? Anger, bitterness, and probably jealousy. Are you a bad person? No. These emotions indicate that by constantly working on your presentations, you’re riding high on creativity. Your energy level has boosted up. All you need to do is maintain this energy, and just find another direction to head to. Makes sense? It will – next time when such a situation arises, make sure you accept your feelings. Don’t try to drown them in alcohol or smoke them away. Be with yourself and feel the energy rushing inside you.

As a human, you are meant to constantly make some ‘movements’ in your life. What food is for body, movement is for mind. If you understand your emotions, you’ll know what sort of movement you have to perform.

Resistance is futile

You have to give time to the so-called unhealthy emotions. By not dealing with them, you’re choosing to deal with them in the weakest and the worst manner.  You can spend hours with psychiatrists, answering all their questions. In the end, they will discuss your feelings and encourage you to face them. But the problem is that most of us have been taught to consider these emotions negative or sinful. And that’s because we constantly see people around us react to these emotions in poor ways. An angry man yelling at the top of his voice – that’s called reacting, not responding. So just because some people tend to get aggressive and abusive when they get angry, does that mean that the emotion called anger is bad? Let’s temporarily consider anger to be a car. Now, if few people chose to drive cars irresponsibly, would you blame the cars or their drivers?

Sorrow mostly occurs when someone close to our heart leaves us. What’s that sorrow saying? A big place in your heart is now empty; it’s time to meet some new people. You can cherish the memory of the ones you miss, but life has to move on. On a planet filled with billions of humans, you’re not meant to just stick to two or three people. The experience and the memories which you’re left with need to be shared with others.

A few things to remember when you’re experiencing unhealthy emotions:

  • People with the most heartbreaks have often managed to guide millions into healthy relationships.
  • People with the most failures have often beaten some of the toughest challenges.
  • People with the most rejections have often given birth to new opportunities.

How were these people capable of performing such feats? They understood their inner turmoil. They made a choice to respond to the unhealthy emotions rising inside them. The answers to our situations and problems are hidden within us. These emotions are meant to guide us and lead us to the path of happiness. Don’t suppress these emotions. Let them flow. However, also make sure that you’re not in control of these emotions. These emotions can fill you with energy, and all you need to do is channelize that energy in the right direction. So it’s okay to be angry – as long as it does not start controlling you.