Understand What the Universe Is Trying To Convey

Do you feel that you are not able to find answers to your questions? The universe uses a special language to convey its messages. If you do not understand this language, you may find it difficult to interpret its signs. In most cases, the answers are in front of you. But because of this ‘language barrier’ you can’t decipher them. Once you learn this lingo, you will be able to find your inner voice.

The universe keeps talking to us. We don’t understand these messages, because the universe mainly speaks through experiences. The Vedas place a lot of emphasis on the need to become aware of one’s life experiences. Ancient sages believed that human beings exist for experiencing the truth. Since life and experience are the same, life is the most effective medium for communication.

Here are a few ways to decode your life and find your inner voice.

Develop a strong desire to receive the answer

This is an important, yet overlooked starting point. If you want to explore life, you must be willing to receive. If you ask questions, you must be willing to accept the answer. When you pose questions to the universe, you must not hold any apprehensions.

The universe always gives love. If you are not willing to receive it, you will not get it either. So, before asking questions, ask yourself if you are ready to hear the answer. Are you ready to change yourself? The answer might come from an unlikely source, a stranger or a random occurrence. You must be ready to accept it no matter what source it comes from. Remember that you must seek the answer, before the universe will reveal it to you.


The universe may express its message through just about any medium. Sometimes, your answer may appear in the form of a catchy phrase on a T-shirt. So, pay attention to everything that leaves an impact on your mind. The universe has boundless intelligence. It is constantly exploring ways to connect with you. But oftentimes we are too busy with our own lives that we fail to pay attention to the universe.

Pay attention to everything that you experience. There is no point in asking a question if you are not interested in receiving the answer. During those times of seeking, pay closer attention to the universe.

Pay attention to recurring experiences

Pay attention to the happenings in your life. Sometimes you may notice that there are some repeats. Note them. Understand that if a situation or an experience repeats, there must be some reason. Maybe you have to learn something from those recurring events.

The universe sends out its messages loud and clear. You only have to listen to them. Sometimes the message will be sent until you get it. So keep listening.

Be more sensitive

To understand the messages from the universe, you need to pay greater attention to your inner self. Keep in mind that you are an integral part of this universe. In fact, the universe and you are one and the same. So, any message from the universe must resonate with you. You will probably not realize it, but your higher faculties will definitely alert you about the possibilities of an occurrence, symbol or person. We have different levels of self-awareness. Meditation and self-reflection will help you reach a higher level of awareness and find your inner voice. So tune yourself into your inner world and you will hear the messages clearly and loudly.


We are quite capable of seeing whatever we want to see. Remember that sometimes what you want to hear is not what the universe wants to tell you. In this case, you are more likely to interpret the messages in your own ways. If you don’t want to misinterpret the signs, you must surrender completely. If you are seeking an answer, let it come.

Don’t overcomplicate the sign

When you receive a sign accept it. Don’t seek out more. The universe tends to convey its messages in the simplest manner. So, don’t overcomplicate things.

In order to receive and recognize messages through signs, you must seek and listen. When you receive the message accept it the way it is. If you try to manipulate the answer, you will never get it.

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