To Get What You Want the Most, Learn To Give It Away

Life remains a paradox to most of us, full of uncertainties and incomprehensible events. Getting what you want often seems impossible, despite working hard and being sincere in your efforts. It is a question of fate or are you missing something else? I have been through this phase, trying hard to find out where I could have possibly gone wrong. As it turned out, there was nothing wrong as such. I had given things the best shot I could, considering my circumstances. However, I had ignored the circle of life and its intriguing way of functioning. The circle of life is an interesting concept, and I would discuss it in brief.

How to get what you want?

If you believe in Karma, you would have heard about the concept of giving what you want to get back. This is confusing to most people and might sound too philosophical or difficult to do. You might not believe in Karma but this concept is relevant to all of us. Believe me, there is something about sharing and caring for others that makes life come to a full circle. Without this, it is difficult to achieve your goals.

Here, giving doesn’t refer to the literal meaning of handing out things. It is about the thought process that defines what you have given. For instance, if you want to earn more, indulge in activities where you can share the benefits of having money with people who need it desperately. Be it a donation or relief camp, take pride in helping people. Your actions will catalyze the kind of positivity and self-belief it takes to be a real achiever.

How to get what you want in life?

Try to start in a simple way. A few years ago, I had become obsessed with buying a bigger car. It seemed that irrespective of what I saved, I never had the kind of money required to buy my favorite automobile. As time passed, I become frustrated with this feeling of helplessness. My sister could gauge my situation.

She suggested something that didn’t make sense to me—going to a dog shelter and petting the cute canines. I was a bit averse to the idea, not being much of a petting person. However, I gave things a chance this time around. The first two sessions didn’t make much of a difference.

After the eight sessions or so, it seemed that my frustration was melting away. I was a lot more relaxed. The anxiety left me and I was more peaceful despite still not having the car I desired. With the new-found patience, I re-evaluated my situation. It dawned upon me that the car I was obsessing about wasn’t the wisest choice. I read through detailed reviews of the car and most experts said that maintaining it was a real pain. The spares were terribly expensive and it gave few miles for the gallon. All this time, I had been obsessing about something that wasn’t good enough, even on paper!

I re-planned my strategy. A few more months of saving money and I had gathered enough to make an initial deposit for a jeep that checked all the boxes for me. The feeling of calmness I had gained, prepared me for the weekends I would need to put in to make the monthly payments.

How did this happen?

  • I didn’t try to do something too drastic.
  • I was open to a new idea, a different way of thinking.
  • I persisted with the new thought process even though it didn’t appeal to me initially.
  • I gained a lot of optimism and composure that uncluttered my mind.
  • I was honest in reviewing my initial decision.
  • I reassessed what I wanted and corrected myself along the way.

The power of believing is amazingly strong. Just believe that trying my way of doing things will work for you. At least, there are no downsides to this, are there?