Zen Habits – The Secret to Creativity that Nobody Told You

Art by Creativity ?

I often used to wonder why some people were so innovative while I was pretty banal. I used to think that creative folks are blessed with special powers. However, I was completely wrong. I have come to the conclusion that being creative has got nothing to do with having exceptional talents. Everybody has their moment of inspiration. It is just that very few try to explore further. Among the few who do, an even smaller number are persistent with their efforts. From here on, it is just a matter of time that a streak of brilliance comes their way. The result is something that most people could have never imagined. If one of your life goals is to be more creative, read ahead and decode the secrets to creativity.

Getting Started is the First, Most Crucial Step

Before I developed the ability to blog effortlessly, I wasn’t good with words. My writing skills were below average. My vocabulary was poor and expressionism was rather elementary. Now I can write down a different perspective to the most basic of questions in a matter of minutes. I need very little inspiration or assistance to write an article.

How did this transformation happen?  The change happened because I took the plunge. Like most people, I had the habit of planning more and doing less. As a result, I always had the longest list of goals but my accomplishments were only imaginary. To be more creative, you have to start somewhere. Don’t plan too much.

Don’t Spend too Much Time on Analysis

Excessively analyzing just complicates the issue. Listen to your heart as to what you want to do. If you want to open a boutique store of personalized gifts, sign up for some newsletters and weeklies in this niche. Join an online forum of wannabe entrepreneurs. Sign yourself for webinars or conferences where small household businesses are explored. Search for weekend classes where customized gift-making is taught. Don’t seek too much advice.

Take these actions head-on and allow yourself to be immersed in what you like to do. People who have the habit of postponing action are procrastinators. Try to fight against this mindset of dilly-dallying.

Create Room for Creativity

Yes, finding time in our daily schedules is a problem. However, this isn’t impossible. If you are ready to commit to your passion, you will be able to find time. Just think about the feeling of accomplishment associated with achieving your life goals. This might mean changing your personal habits. You need to weed-out habits that are detrimental to your chances of success. Personal habits like not managing your daily regimen can impair your progress. For instance, if you don’t plan your day, you will always struggle to juggle your domestic and professional life with your creative pursuits.

If you want to be a professional singer, practicing with the local choir group is a great step. However, you can do this only when you manage your time and create space for practicing singing during the weekend.

Don’t Get Intimidated

The Zen Mind emphasizes on having a fear-free mindset that is ready to explore and learn. This is also important for becoming creative. If you want to pursue your goal but are scared of failures, you will not be able to achieve much.

For example, you might want to do something that is creative but generally perceived as bizarre. Here self doubt and apprehension will overwhelm you. However, you need to fight such thoughts. If you continue to delay on the pretext of society being hostile towards your ideas, you are just one of the many procrastinators. If you honestly believe in an idea, have the courage to explore it. Give it your best shot. Even if you face some criticism, you will have the reassurance that you were brave in following your instincts.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll soon find a creative flame within yourself.