The Beginner’s Guide to Pursuing Dreams

The Beginner’s Guide to Pursuing Dreams

I have often wondered how some popular Hollywood superstars kept their faith and pursued their dreams when everything seemed lost. This also makes me wonder, why people are always complaining that following your dreams isn’t a practical choice. These naysayers preach that life is all about making compromises. However, I don’t agree with them. I believe that it takes some courage and a better way of thinking to follow your dreams.

Get Candid with Yourself

It is possible that you have talked yourself into a state of passiveness. This is like a comfort zone which you dare not cross as it might reveal the disturbing truth. I am talking about facing the fact that you haven’t really tried to pursue your dreams. You need to give yourself this reality check. The revelations will be harsh, so be ready to face them. It needs a degree of honesty.
It is also possible that a sense of regret overwhelms you when you recall the moments when you were weak and let go of your passion. Recalling such heartbreaking moments isn’t easy. If it fills you with a sense of loss, maintain your calm. The fact remains that you are facing yourself in the most candid way. It will give you the satisfaction of being brave enough to dig into your conscience. The overpowering emotions will gradually abate, leaving you with a clear picture—your need to pursue your dreams to lead a happier, more meaningful life.

How to Set Goals to Pursue Your Dreams

Divide the journey of accomplishing your goals into short-term and long-term goals. The latter refers to the end goal while short-term goals will be en route towards the final goal. These will keep you motivated and give you reasons to celebrate. Simply write down the things you should do to pursue your passion. Don’t wait for a better day or a sign to get started. Pick up the easiest task to perform; or the least challenging short term goal and start your journey. The more you procrastinate, the greater are the chances that you will never begin. The Zen mindset talks about the need to do away with procrastination to lead a better life. It is good to think and plan but you need to be a doer too. Just planning your work and leaving it on tomorrow is a bad strategy. Smart people plan their work, and work their plan. Although I would also suggest here that you shouldn’t depend entirely on that plan, because plans can fail as well.

Don’t Seek Opinion, Seek Encouragement

I have been guilty of thinking too much about what others might think about my choices. This is a bad habit and a big roadblock for achieving your goals. Yes, you might need guidance from your peers to get inspired and work harder. However, don’t fall into the trap of judging yourself based upon how others perceive your situation. It doesn’t make sense to get bogged down by the negativity among the people around you. Try to spend more time with folks who are generally cheerful or those who don’t have the habit of being skeptical. Constructive criticism is good so don’t run away from it. Turning your dream into a reality is a very personal journey and shouldn’t be affected by what others think of it.

Mind It—There Are No Easy Ways!

We are living in the age of conveniences. Everything is available in a packaged, easy-to-own manner. However, your dreams are not lying on the shelf of a retail store. You cannot order your dreams to come true when shopping online. Basically, you have to follow the path that is lined with hard work and commitment. Be ready to face lots of initial failures. There might be some days when your self-confidence will abandon you. This journey is essentially a repeated series of trials and errors. The more you learn this way, the greater will be the joy when you finally achieve your goal.