Take the Help of Zen Mind to Make Your Life Better

Take the Help of Zen Mind to Make Your Life Better

This thought must have occurred to you—some people seem to have a better quality of life despite possessing much lesser things than you. We often get this feeling when watching spiritual-inclined people like monks. Many of us tend to think that these folks must have some secret ways to look so peaceful. However, the truth might shock you! If you constantly think about how to improve your life, read ahead.

Ways to Improve Your Life—Learn from Experiences

I am listing some ways to improve the overall quality of your life. These aren’t secrets or anything experimental. These are lessons that I learnt through a long process of trial and error. Many of these are influenced by the Zen lifestyle:

Don’t Get Obsessed with Multi-Tasking

Many people believe that the easiest way to improve the quality of life is through multi-tasking. There is nothing outrightly wrong about this. With our hectic schedules, multi-tasking makes sense. However, there is a fine line between being dexterous and trying to manage too many things simultaneously. Most of us are guilty of doing the latter. We take upon too many activities, hoping to save precious time but the benefits of saving time are neutralized by a sense of anxiety. Our mind is overburdened and the quality of our life suffers. Try to maintain a balance. Try not to do more than a couple of things together. Multi-task only when you feel it is the only option. If you have time at your disposal, don’t be hurried. Don’t make a habit of always rushing things. Try to slow down and enjoy the process of completing a task. Celebrating smaller occasions is the easiest way to improve the quality of your everyday life. For every task completed, applaud yourself. Treat yourself with an ice-cream, latte, or a small shopping session.

Establish Allocated Time Slots

We make a lot of resolutions but tend to fail rather awfully. One reason for this is the lack of planning. You might have experienced bouts of enthusiasm where you lifted weights with the dedication of a professional sportsperson. However, the burnout soon follows. You tend to be inactive in the following weeks. The procrastination eventually gives way to totally abandoning the plan. A better approach is to allot a permanent time slot in your daily schedule. Pick an activity that heals your mind and conditions your body. A combination of basic stretching and deep breathing can do the trick. For the athletically-inclined, it is a good idea to add some running. Once you have a fixed slot, you are less likely to dodge your daily goal. Create reminders for the same. Discuss your goals with colleagues or friends who can remind you every time you get sidetracked.

Take a Moment to Declutter Your Mind

The Zen method offers simple ways to improve your life. Uncluttering your mind is at the core of this approach. We are often anxious or mentally disturbed because of random thoughts. Many of these are negative emotions that creep into our mind. To seriously improve the quality of your life, you need to clear your mind. Just 10 minutes of meditation during the morning and evening is sufficient to improve the quality of your thinking. When meditating, try to concentrate on positive thoughts. Slowly exhale out the pessimism. Acknowledge the simplest of your achievements and be thankful for what you possess.

Trying Giving and Forgiving

This is something that you may not find in other resources that preach about how to improve your life. I gained this insight from some very personal experiences. I can confidently say that most of us don’t know about the joy of giving. If you suffer from anxiety, stress, extreme mood swings, or anger; try to help others in the smallest ways. Something as humble as feeding a stray dog can prove to be surprisingly therapeutic. It is a difficult-to-describe vibe you get from helping others. This can also include doing voluntary work. The second part to this approach lies in letting go of your resentments and regrets. Try to make peace with what has happened to you. Such emotional scars cannot be healed unless you are willing to forgive and forget. This approach is similar to how Zen thinking tackles improving the quality of your life.