How to Heal Yourself with the Power of the Mind

Believe it or not, we are all equipped with a natural self-repair mechanism controlled by our thoughts and beliefs. Our body can do miracles. It can eliminate toxins, kill cancer cells, fight infections and keep us healthy. Then why do we fall ill? We fall ill when our self-repair mechanisms do not work properly. Why [...]

Do You Wish To Turn Your Dreams into Reality? It’s All About Your Thoughts

Emotions have an energetic effect on space and matter. This explains why we feel relaxed when we enter a temple or another place of worship. This is the same reason why we feel tense when we are in a scene of conflict. We can change our life with our thoughts. Positive thoughts attract positivity into [...]

Feel Free, Feel Fulfilled – Start Living the Life of Your Dreams

Happiness is a choice. People who choose to be happy lead a life full of peace and joy. You are not dependent on anyone for your happiness. If you wish to be happy, just be! Nobody is living in a paradise. All of us of have got lots of problems. But if you are constantly complaining [...]

How Mindfulness Improves Your Life and Relationships

If you are a stressed-out person and looking for ways of reducing stress, here is a simple productivity guide for you. There are some simple secrets to a happy life that you might already know but are not implementing. Most of us lead a hectic-life. Unfortunately, this leads to stress and ill-health. How can we [...]