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Do You Wish To Turn Your Dreams into Reality? It’s All About Your Thoughts

Emotions have an energetic effect on space and matter. This explains why we feel relaxed when we enter a temple or another place of worship. This is the same reason why we feel tense when we are in a scene of conflict. We can change our life with our thoughts. Positive thoughts attract positivity into [...]

Self Improvement – Learn From The Happy Souls Out There

“Do you want to be happy?” I’m sure your answer would be, “Who doesn’t?” But still, most of us are unhappy. Everybody seeks joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction. There is one problem, though. You can’t find happiness by simply wishing for it. You have to do something to find happiness. You have to change your attitude [...]

Managing Stressful Thoughts with Simple Zen Tips  

The bills don’t stop coming, your responsibilities become more demanding, and you just can’t add more hours to a day. Life is stressful, and no matter how much we remind ourselves that we shouldn’t take stress, it’s not that simple. Managing stressful thoughts is easier said than done. But wait, maybe you haven’t tried the [...]