Using Mindfulness to Cure Procrastination

Solve Procrastination

We have all done it at some point and many of us are guilty of being addicted to this habit. I am talking about procrastination. This state of mind is like inherent resistance towards what we should be doing. When you procrastinate, you are aware about what you should do and how you should do [...]

Zen Habits – The Secret to Creativity that Nobody Told You

Art by Creativity ?

I often used to wonder why some people were so innovative while I was pretty banal. I used to think that creative folks are blessed with special powers. However, I was completely wrong. I have come to the conclusion that being creative has got nothing to do with having exceptional talents. Everybody has their moment [...]

Break Out of the Comfort Zone to Lead a More Fulfilling Life

Break Out of the Comfort Zone to Lead a More Fulfilling Life

  Have you ever wondered why there is a sustained sense of frustration despite having achieved a lot? Is your quality of life really poor or have you been expecting too much from yourself? My take on these questions is that frustration stems from not having done what we initially dreamed of. Many of us [...]