Be calm

How to Bring Out the Best Version of Yourself

Most of us have got two different personalities living in the same body. I too felt having two different people in me. I used to be calm and quiet in the yoga class, but as soon as I went behind the wheel, the road rage took on, and I felt like yelling at everyone. I [...]

What’s the Style of Your Anger?

We all get angry at some point or the other. And it’s always good to let it out instead of accumulating it. The real Zen masters don’t get angry. But we are simple and humble beings who do get angry once in a while. When you do get angry, what’s the style of your anger? [...]

Understand the Zen Approach to Staying Calm


I must confess that for a large part of my early life, I had been an anxious soul. It is difficult to describe anxiety to someone who hasn’t suffered it for such a long period. All of us get anxious but for some, it is a constant problem. Ever felt those butterflies in the stomach [...]