The Wonders Of Forgiveness

“Take forgiveness. Two levels here. One level: forgiveness means you shouldn’t develop feelings of revenge. Because revenge harms the other person, therefore it is a form of violence. With violence, there is usually counter-violence. This generates even more violence—the problem never goes away. So that is one level. Another level: forgiveness means you should try [...]

What’s the Style of Your Anger?

We all get angry at some point or the other. And it’s always good to let it out instead of accumulating it. The real Zen masters don’t get angry. But we are simple and humble beings who do get angry once in a while. When you do get angry, what’s the style of your anger? [...]

7 Healthy Behaviors That Are Often Considered Unhealthy

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Being authentic is the healthiest way to behave. Still, we often suppress or mask our authentic behaviors because we think that they are unhealthy. Your body and mind know what is right for you, so don’t suppress your wants and needs. In this article, we will examine some healthy behaviors that are often considered as [...]