Surrender to the Universe For Complete Acceptance and Faith  

Something goes out of control and we struggle – we fight – to get it back under control. However, fighting isn’t always the right thing to do. Sometimes, letting go can be very peaceful. I have noticed that things go smoothly when I don’t try to take control. It’s always better if you allow things to happen instead of forcing them to happen. But it’s not easy.

Like most people, we spend most of our time managing stressful thoughts and worrying over things that aren’t even in our control. For example, what if it rains on the day you’ve planned a picnic? What if the boss doesn’t like your presentation that you’ve made by spending a week? If you’ve already done your best on the presentation, there’s nothing else you can do about it, right? Things get even worse if you’re a control freak. If you find it hard to give up control over things, this article might help you.

Control is rooted in your fear: You try to control things because you are afraid of what may happen if you don’t take control.

We assume we know what’s best for us: You tend to control things when you want a certain outcome – the outcome that you THINK is the best for you. However, the universe knows better. It knows what’s best for the greater good, and works accordingly. When we go against the universe, we will only get suffering, and it will become difficult managing stressful thoughts. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t do your work, but you should not worry over it. Once you’ve given your best, you should just let the universe take control, and not worry about it.

The energy of surrender is more than energy of control: When you get controlling, your vision gets focused and narrow, your breathing becomes shallow, and your heart starts racing. As a result, your mind shifts from one place to the other and you have low concentration and poor memory. In surrender mode, you’re calm and peaceful. This allows you to see the bigger picture, and it releases more positive energy to the universe.

What is surrender?

Surrender is when you stop fighting. It’s when you stop taking control. Accept the natural flow of the universe and let positive energies pass through you. Face the reality without pushing and pressing.

Fighting against the forces of the universe if like paddling your boat upstream. You’re trying hard and still are unable to move. Once you let go of the oars, you go with the flow – the boat moves on its own and you don’t even have to apply pressure. This is what letting go feels like. The boat WILL reach somewhere. It won’t go to the upstream town, but maybe the downstream town is even better. We as humans cannot see the larger picture, but the universe can.

Does letting go feel like freedom?

Yes, almost always. Loosen your grip and you’ll find freedom with the forces of the universe.

It’s a friendly universe

“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe”

~Albert Einstein

If you believe the universe is friendly, you’ll find good things happening in your life. Try to be receptive and allow things to happen. This is a skill that you need to develop slowly. It needs practice and improvement. It’s always best to believe that we live in a friendly universe – one that wants good for us in the long run. It supports you at every point so that you don’t have to ponder about the details.

When it comes to doing things – you can choose either the easy way or the difficult way. We can either struggle upstream or just leave the oars and let the current take us to the right place.

Let go of things and you’ll find a very peaceful energy taking over you. This energy is friendly and wants good to happen to you and the entire universe. This is magical energy and will stay with you if you believe in it.

Photo Source: WikiImages