Stressful Thoughts Troubling You? Here’s How to Deal With Them

Do you get irritated, grumpy, and angry when you are stressed out? If you do, don’t worry. There are very many ways to control stress and your reaction to it.

Stress is harmful to your mental and physical health. Worse, it can affect your relationships. If you are always in a foul mood, no one will enjoy your company.

You may be aware of your reaction to stress. It is just that you can’t control it. Here is a list of common situations and thoughts that make most people stressed out and ways to deal with them.

You are late!

All of us have been in this tricky situation at least once. And if you are like most people you have been through it several times. The reasons could be just about anything. You might have missed your bus/train. Your car could have broken down on your way to the office. No matter what your excuse is, being late to work or an important meeting can make you feel stressed out. Dealing with this situation is easier than you think. In most cases, you only have to take an earlier train/bus to save yourself from the trouble of confronting your boss.

Even if you leave home early, sometimes it is not possible to get to work on time because of some unexpected happenings. In such a case, you have to accept the fact that the situation is not in your control. Explain this to yourself and your boss.

You regret your actions

Most of us regret not doing things differently, but this does not help. The past is past and you can’t undo it. Let bygones be bygones, and forget about them. So if you find yourself stressed out about a choice or a mistake you made, convince yourself that it is all in the past. You cannot do anything to change it anyway, and worrying over it will not do you any good. So it’s best to stop thinking and let it go. Living in the present in the only option you have.

You want to keep your home spotlessly clean

We can’t quite blame you for wanting to keep your home neat and tidy. It is a natural urge, but what if you fail to clean it? This can be a source of stress, but you don’t need to lose heart over it. There is a simple solution – just clean it! Instead of cribbing about it and worrying over it, just clean it bit by bit. You can set aside some time to clean your home every day.

You can’t find your keys/car/wallet/watch

Do you waste countless hours searching for your watch or keys before stepping out of your home? If you are already in a hurry having to search for these things at the last minute can cause a great deal of distress. The next time you find yourself in a desperate situation like this, don’t lose your temper. Take a deep breath and then try to figure out where you could have placed the lost item and find your way forward. Even if you don’t find it, getting angry will not help you anyway. It’s easy to tackle the situation calmly instead of making it worse. Make it a habit to put these items in the same place every time. You can, for example, hang your keys on key-hooks.

You regret buying something

If you purchased something that you don’t want, see if you exchange it for something else or sell it. Don’t get mad at it. What’s the worst that can happen if it doesn’t get exchanged? A little money would be wasted, but it’s still not worth all the frustration.

You think you are no good

All of us have to go through our highs and lows, and sometimes it just isn’t easy to feel good about ourselves. But self-loathing is never a solution. It will only kill your confidence and joy, so whenever you start questioning your worth, comfort yourself with reassuring thoughts. Think about those personality traits that make you unique. All of us have got certain qualities that make us worth our salt. For example, you may be beautiful or talented. Find your positive traits and cultivate them.