Stressed Out? Here are Some Natural Ways to Beat Stress

Stress – We all have felt it at least more than once. And unlike most other things, all of us have a unanimous opinion about it: we don’t like stress, and rightly so. It affects our performance negatively, drains our pool of mental energy, ruins our mood, and makes our day counterproductive.

If you’re here reading this article, chances are you are terribly frustrated from gripping stress which immobilizes you at your workplace, home, and absolutely anywhere. It constrains your creativity, makes you irritable and, most disturbingly, harms your health.

But you can do away with this seemingly overwhelming nemesis with relative ease. What follows might sound to you like a cliché to-do list for stress removal, but keep in mind that clichés exist for a reason.

What follows is a list of tools which will better equip your arsenal for your quest to conquer stress.


The most powerful (and misunderstood) super-weapon is meditation. Not getting into its deep oriental roots, we’ll just establish that stress removal is one of the more trivial side-effects that meditation provides.

To meditate is simple, and here’s how.

Anytime of the day – preferably the morning – put on comfortable clothing and get to a place where you can be alone for at least 10 minutes. Get yourself in a comfortable position, you can sit in a relaxed manner or lie down if that’s possible/desirable. Now clear your mind completely. It’s easier said than done but you’ll get better eventually. This is helpful whenever and wherever you do it – after taking a shower in the morning, while taking a little break at work, or even before you sleep.


Whenever you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and out-of-control, just stop whatever you’re doing and breathe. Close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths from your stomach. Yes, this little parlour trick is as simple as it sounds, and is as effective as it is simple.

Now, taking a few deep breaths may not sound like an efficient way to relieve stress to some, but trust me, it gives you a handle on things and you can attack the challenge you are currently facing with much more vigor and vitality.


If the deadline of your endeavor doesn’t exist in an extremely close proximity, get up. Just get up from your desk, your computer or wherever your workstation happens to be. Take a 5-minute break. Walk around in the corridors of your workplace, do a couple of jumping jacks if you are at the comfort of your home, and if you must stay confined in a cubicle, just walk around in circles.

This physical wake-up call of your body to your mind will do wonders for your clogged mental space. And if there is a rapidly approaching deadline, refer to point two (breathing).


When we’re teenagers, we enjoy music, but as we grow up, we lose the touch of music from our lives. Turn to the soothing embrace of music, and let your soul undulate with its pleasantness when things seem out of control or the pressure becomes just too much to handle. It is a very innate, animalistic thing – our longing for music.

Although any kind of music which calms you down and clears your mind is effective, try listening to 432 Hz music for once. Almost all music worldwide is tuned to 440 HZ since the International Standard Organization (ISO) promoted it in 1953. Now tuning the music down 8 Hz may not seem to make a huge difference, but you’ll never know it until you try.


Spend some time with nature; it is astonishingly powerful. Spending just five minutes walking barefoot on grass or walking in a park full of greenery and trees gets rid so much of that unwanted, toxic mental waste we call stress. It is the quintessential way to relieve stress. Just spending a little time with nature will fill you with peace and vitality.

So these were some of the steps you can follow and see immediate and long-term results of a stress-free life. But if you are suffering from a chronic variety of stress, so much so that it has started to affect your health and well-being, you should seek therapeutic help.

Photo Source: Pfeilgiftfeder