Self Improvement – Learn From The Happy Souls Out There

“Do you want to be happy?”

I’m sure your answer would be, “Who doesn’t?”

But still, most of us are unhappy. Everybody seeks joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction. There is one problem, though. You can’t find happiness by simply wishing for it. You have to do something to find happiness. You have to change your attitude towards life. You have to change your beliefs.

People who are truly happy maintain a positive outlook. They don’t get easily discouraged. Their Zen mind finds lots of possibilities. Here are some self improvement techniques that will make a huge difference to your life. Read on to find out the habits of happy people.

Accept who you are

To start with, most of us are not satisfied with our looks. No matter how perfect we may think we look, there is some little thing that we want to improve. We try hard to hide our flaws by applying the right cosmetics and makeup, and wearing the right clothes. This makes us feel confident and happy. But we are afraid of going out without the right gel or cosmetics or makeup. We are afraid that we’ll look horrible if we skip these essentials. We try to avoid situations that make us feel uncomfortable about the way we look, and this makes us miserable. The truth is that not a lot of people care about how we look. People have got several other concerns and in most cases, they don’t have time for you. That’s harsh but true.

But if you aren’t impressed with the way you look, then yes, you should do something about it. Again, keep your expectations realistic. If you don’t want to change the way you look, that is fine too… but don’t worry about it. There is no point in wasting time over something you don’t want to change.

Remember that people don’t care about your looks, but they care about your actions.

Try to belong

Social media makes it easy to make connections, but you have to realize that these connections are superficial. They won’t be there for you when you need them desperately.

Generally speaking, those social networks that you can join easily don’t add much value to your life. Anybody can join social networks, but if you want to belong to them, you have to give more than you take. This might involve making some sacrifices or working overtime to help a friend meet a deadline. You have to work to win respect and trust.

Understand that you cannot have everything

Yes, you can have just about anything, but it simply isn’t possible to have everything. You need the skills, time, and resources to achieve things. Even if you have unlimited skills and resources, your time is still limited.  So instead of trying to achieve everything, focus on those things that are truly important to you, and let go of the rest.

Prioritize. Choose a primary goal and try your level best to excel in it. If you try to have everything you will probably end up having nothing.

Success does not always lead to happiness

True fulfillment comes from knowing that you have made a difference to at least a few people. You should be able to achieve something that will outlive you. Just because you are successful in your career doesn’t mean that you will die happy. Have meaningful relationships; raise great kids; give something back to your community – all of these are great ways to find meaning and happiness in life.

Try to make true friends

Have you got any friend whom you can call at 2 am and ask for help? Do you know any people with whom you can share anything and everything? All of us have friendships, but many of these relationships are shallow. Try to make true friendships. They will make you happy. This is how happy people have many friends.

Stop being a control freak

You may establish numerous guidelines for you. Still, every now and then you will step outside them. If we were so good at sticking to the guidelines all of us would have been rich, fit, slim, and trim. There is no harm in having a to-do list. But you should also realize that if you want to make real progress towards a goal, it should mean something to you.

By simply implementing at least some of these self improvement techniques, you will be able to bring more joy and happiness into your life.

Photo Source: bykst