Reconnect with Your Passion to be Happier

Reconnect with Your Passion to be Happier - ZenManner


Many people struggle to stay focused on their jobs. It seems that going to office turns into a daily punishment despite getting a good paycheck. I went through this phase where I would develop an imaginary headache just to stay at home. With time, I realized that this problem wasn’t exclusive to me. Most of my friends and cousins were sailing in the same boat. Many of them had been working like this for over two decades. The daily struggle to like what they were doing had made them bitter, almost impossible to please. I did not want to turn into a grumpy individual, someone who always fusses about life. Eventually, I realized that the answer was within me. I just hadn’t tried to explore it. If you too wonder about how to find your purpose in life, read ahead.

Your Career Choice Shouldn’t be What Others Think is Right

We are often disconnected from the truth. This cannot be more relevant when it comes to identifying what we want to do for a living. Like most of you, I made my initial career choices based upon what appealed to my family, mainly my father. Yes, I was always interested in Science but becoming a dentist is not what I had in mind.

Whether it is school, college, or even later in life; try to decode what you really like. This should be something you can do on a regular basis and still enjoy it. Based upon your preferences, choose a career that keeps you connected with your interests. For instance, if food is the love of your life, then being a chef seems like good career option. You cannot make a living out of merely liking food and eating a lot. However, you can pursue your passion and a career by becoming a dedicated food blogger or open an eatery of your own. The right job is essentially something that you can do every day with some enthusiasm and positivity.

How to discover your passion? Break Away, Meditate, and Reconnect

You might be at a stage where you have forgotten your passions. It might seem as if there is nothing that can excite you any longer. Believe me, this is a misconception. Reconnecting with your passion will take a few days but it will come to you. All you need to do is spend some time with yourself.

I am talking about the Zen method of meditating in silence to connect with your inner self. This might seem challenging at first but within a few days, you will be able to speak to your heart. Your mind will declutter and the random and negative thoughts will gradually vanish. At this point, try to think about the times when you were really happy. Try to think deeper and identify why a certain phase in your life was so cheerful. Make a mental note of things that cheered you up as a child. Soon you will be able to discover your forgotten passion. It could be something as innocent as playing the piano or helping stray animals.

An Amicable Solution is Possible

There is a possibility that pursuing your passion might not make immediate sense to you, i.e. from a career viewpoint. You need to find a common ground where pursuing your passion can help you become happier at your job. For instance, you might have been an avid reader and wanted to become a published author. Your current job might be all numbers and graphs. Dumping your job and starting from scratch to follow your dream might not seem wise.

You can do something to play safe and still be happier. Take membership among the famous book clubs in your area. Try to find out if the company newsletter can use your writing or ideating skills. You can buy online reading memberships and read your favorite genres on the way to work. The satisfaction of being reconnected with your passion will make it easy to get through the daily workplace routine.

The Zen ideology emphasizes of developing a curious, active mind. If you want to rediscover your passion and use this to improve the overall quality of your life, try to think beyond the obvious. Most people have a punishing schedule, and their time management will always be a problem. You need to focus on finding solutions rather than dwelling on the negatives. A curious mind that is ready to search for possible solutions will help to break away from the pessimism. Once reconnected with your passion, pursue it without second thoughts. This is also about growing as an individual. Your work-life or parental duties are as important as your happiness. Finding your purpose in life might take some time but it is worth the effort.