Managing Stressful Thoughts with Simple Zen Tips  

The bills don’t stop coming, your responsibilities become more demanding, and you just can’t add more hours to a day. Life is stressful, and no matter how much we remind ourselves that we shouldn’t take stress, it’s not that simple. Managing stressful thoughts is easier said than done.

But wait, maybe you haven’t tried the Zen approach yet. With these simple self-improvement techniques, you can manage stress easily – yes, it will take time, but you’ll ultimately feel calm and healthy.

Identify the stress factors

If you’re stressed because “there are a million things happening” in your life and there is not one particular reason, your stress factors are temporary. If you’re unable to pinpoint the major stress factors, you can write a stress journal and then find out what is troubling you the most.

Identify your current de-stressors

How do you organize your life and try managing stressful thoughts? If your de-stressors are healthy, you’ll get rid of your worries. However, negative de-stressors will only make things worse. If you cope with stress by smoking or drinking, you’re not doing yourself a favor. Another habit which is on the rise these days is taking stress relieving pills. Drugs can help you temporarily, but they will only increase the problems in the long run.

Replace unhealthy de-stressors with healthy de-stressors.

Here’s how to beat stress with self-improvement techniques:

There aren’t any one-size-fits-all self-improvement techniques for managing stressful thoughts. I will list some ways to beat stress and you can select the strategy that suits you the best.

  1. Avoid the stressing factors: Maybe you need to say no. Maybe you need to get out of a negative environment. Depending upon your stress factors, you need to make an exit. If you get worked up discussing religion or politics, just avoid such discussions. If you get stressed about time management, make a schedule and work according to it.
  1. Change your attitude: If something troubles you, voice your feelings. If your boss gives you extra work on the weekend and you already have plans with the family, tell him that you wouldn’t be able to do it. Now I’m not saying you should risk your job, but sometimes saying no can be a big de-stressor. And if you’re a perfectionist, I would recommend to compromise a bit here and there. Perfectionists are mostly stressed about their work and that’s not a good thing.
  1. Adapt to your stress factors: This might sound odd, but it can help a lot. If you look at the bigger picture, the factors that are stressing you might actually be good for you in the future. Whenever you’re in stress, ask yourself, “Will this affect me in 5 years?” If it won’t, there is no reason to stress over it and waste your precious time. Also, try to find something positive in the stressing factors. If your office training is extra hard, it will give you a competitive edge.
  1. Acceptance: Many people think that they need to fight everything, and acceptance is not a winning strategy. Let me say that it’s a very wrong notion. Acceptance can be a BIG stress buster. If the situation is uncontrollable, don’t try to control it. Just give your best and leave the rest to itself, and you’ll feel that the stress is slowly melting away.

With these four self-improvement techniques, managing stressful thoughts becomes easier. Apart from these tips, make sure you spend enough time with your loved ones and share your thoughts with a close friend. Remember, if you share your stress, it gets halved.

And lastly, adopt a healthy lifestyle. You don’t have to make huge changes. Maybe cut back just one cigarette and eat a carrot instead. Avoid just one drink and have a glass of juice. With simple and small changes, managing stressful thoughts becomes much easier than you can imagine.

And start today, right now. Have a happy stress free day!

Photo Source: Unsplash