Love Yourself. Respect Yourself. And You Will Know What Life is All About

Loving yourself

Some of us are lucky to be born into families where there is love and care for each other. However, not all of us are lucky enough. What if you were an unwanted or undesirable child? Maybe your parents were not keen on having you for no fault of yours. Maybe they lacked the financial means to raise you.

Children raised in families where they don’t get the love they deserve, develop several emotional problems as they grow up. Most of them lack a sense of self worth. They might assume that they are not good enough or they are not lovable. This will also affect their ability to form meaningful relationships.

But there is hope. By loving yourself, you can fill the void within. It will lend a whole new dimension to your existence. Love is your birthright. All of us deserve to be loved. But if you didn’t receive the love you deserve, you should make a commitment to love yourself.

Love yourself

Nobody can love you as much as you do. No one, besides you, can make you feel complete. When you love yourself, you will find plenty of reasons to love others. That is true. Love makes us feel complete. It makes us content. And when we are content, we are more likely to give. And when we give love, we get it.

You have an ocean of love deep within the center of your existence. This is your connection with your source – the almighty. This knowledge will make you feel complete. This love is more fulfilling than the love you can get from your parents, siblings, spouse, or children. Once you begin to connect with your source, you will realize its abundance. You will also realize that all the love you ever need is within you. This can be a liberating experience.

Make peace with your past

There is no way you can change your past. It isn’t necessary either. Accept this reality and let it go. And when you release the resentment, anger, and frustration with your past, you give yourself an opportunity to make peace with it. Let bygones be bygones.

Love the child in you. Be the loving parent that you never had. Zen teachings explain that love heals all pain and suffering. It is the greatest force that exists in this universe.

How to love yourself?

Self-love doesn’t come in the form of expensive gifts. You can’t love yourself by buying expensive and luxury items for you. You can’t love yourself by indulging in worldly comforts.

To love yourself is to accept every aspect of your life. It is to make peace with the realities of your existence. There are many ways to express your self-love. Spend some time doing things that you really enjoy doing. Make a connection with your inner self. Listen to your inner voice. Eat healthy and get enough sleep and rest. All of these are expressions of self-love. Treat yourself well. Treat your body and soul with the respect they deserve. Self-love is essentially a commitment, and when you make that commitment, you are gifting yourself a lifetime of joy and meaning.

Love yourself continuously and consciously

An unpleasant childhood can affect the way you think and act. It can make you feel worthless. These negative thoughts often lead to behavioral problems. People who are not happy with their lives may turn to alcohol and smoking. Some might develop unhealthy eating habits. Others may have sleeping problems.

But you have a defense mechanism in place. You can control the thoughts that enter your brain. Tell yourself that you deserve love and that you are going to give yourself the love you need.

You don’t have to know how to love yourself. Nobody has to teach us to love. That comes naturally to us. The moment you convince yourself that you are lovable, you will start seeing yourself in a new light. All that you should do is to show a willingness to love yourself. This will change your life.