Little Mistakes Can Drain Away Your Happiness

Happiness Drain

We are often impressed by business entrepreneurs – their attitude, confidence, and approach. We even get impressed with the freedom and adventure that freelancers enjoy. But even people working as employees can enjoy the mental freedom and strength of entrepreneurs and freelancers. It’s all about paying attention to some of the mistakes we make in life, which steer our choices and decisions in the wrong direction. And how one can find happiness by walking on the wrong track!

Here are some of the mistakes which we need to focus on. Working on these mistakes can correct your perspective about yourself and the world around you.

1. Following the goals set by others

People around you might have a completely different notion about success, happiness, and achievements in life. Being a part of a society often confuses us with the definition of our happiness, our success, and our achievements. Pay attention to the ‘ours’ mentality. As an individual, spend time with yourself and ask questions such as: What makes me happy? What drives my energy force and raises my concentration level without stressing my mind?

Once you know your own expectations and interests, you will see the world in a different light. Zen mind tells us that no matter how many challenges come in the way, when we’re following the things which we like, we’re bound to be happy all the way along.

2. Bothering about things beyond your control

Most of us (majority of the population) are always concerned about the things we can’t control. And we pay almost zero attention to the things within our control. I have to pay monthly and yearly bills – I keep thinking about that! Do I have a choice of not paying bills? No. Bills will be always be there. But, can I choose or take efforts to pick a job or field of my choice? Yes. So quit bothering about the CAN’Ts of life and focus on the CANs.

3. Expecting the least from yourself

Many times; we see, read, or talk about other’s achievements, admire their efforts and persistence. But the moment it comes to stretching our own perseverance and prolonging hardcore efforts, we go easy on ourselves. ‘I can’t take it anymore’ – we say that and back off. How about changing that approach to ‘I’m feeling exhausted, let me take a break and GET back.’ People who follow their own path always come across challenges bigger than their potentials. So going slow, or taking a break is fine, but completely giving up is meant to bring unhappiness. When the going gets tough, you toughen up and get going!

4. Taking everything and everyone too seriously

Things happen. People are people. The way of the world is chaotic. The best of plans can falter and the most reliable people can disappoint. And if you have the tendency of taking things and people too seriously, you are bound to be surrounded by unhappiness. You give your best to people, work and life, but don’t keep too many expectations in return. And the days when things don’t go the way you expected them to, laugh it off, or sleep over it. Happiness is not only about all the big things you could achieve or come across, but it’s also about the small worries which you manage to breeze through.

Each and every person in this world has done one or all of these mistakes. But the ones who have learned from their mistakes found themselves on the path of happiness. It’s never too late to learn. After understanding these mistakes, some days you might repeat them again. Don’t fret over it. Just remind yourself that you’re allowed to make mistakes and you have the ability to rectify them too.