Life Is a Beautiful Journey

Remember when you took up a new activity with unbridled enthusiasm, with every intention of becoming the best in it? Remember how you abandoned that activity after a week or two of trying it out?

Some of us take up guitar lessons with the aim of becoming a regular Bruce Springsteen or Jimi Hendrix. But then, we stop after a few days of practice when our fingers begin to pain or the chords get tougher.

Some of us make plans to jog every morning for an hour or so to maintain our physical well-being. But we never do it. Every morning we switch off the alarm clock, making an excuse. And we convince ourselves that we would honor our health by going jogging from the next day. And that again, never happens.

Every day that we push our dreams away because we wanted to get that one extra hour of daydreaming or nay-saying, that one day could push our dreams back by weeks, months, or even a whole year. Every minute that you spend in inaction, somebody else is working hard, getting closer to the same goal as yours. Who do you think will finally reach that goal?

Procrastination and pessimism are two factors that stop us from reaching our true potentials. The ‘greats’ of history were just common, everyday men and women. What set them apart from the rest was the fact that they never gave up on any instant of working for what they wanted to achieve – that determination, that concentration, that perseverance.

Over time, my procrastinating, pessimistic self began to realize the dangerous path that I was treading. I had to change my outlook and attitude if I was to lead a productive life. I was faced with a dire need to right my wrongs, alter my perceptions, take care of the company I kept, and always look forward. Only then could I live life to my fullest; it also taught me how to help depression.

There is a beauty, a certain compulsion that one derives from moving on. It’s the glory of leaving your past and looking forward to new, enlightened experiences. For this to happen, we have to keep several things in mind all the time.

We are one of a kind

I realize this phrase is used so often that it is almost a cliché now, but it is an evergreen truth. Each of us is different in our own way. Like Bill Nye once so rightly said, “Everybody around us knows something we don’t.” That’s the power of diversity – how two people can look at the same object or listen to the same statement and infer two radically different things. And we must cherish our uniqueness. With the realization of uniqueness, you will understand how to help depression.

Believe in your strengths

Always remember that you are meant for greater things. You have your talents and abilities – use them to elevate yourself. Accept your imperfections and understand that only by battling and subduing your imperfections can you reach perfection. Having faith in your abilities will help you in depression. Fight for what you believe in – only then will your life have purpose and meaning.

Life is beautiful

“La vita e bella” – which is Italian for “Life is beautiful” sums up everything you need to know about everything. There will be up and there will be downs, but if played well and properly, the game of life is a truly enjoyable one. Our grief and tragedies are part and parcel of life, an integral part of our growing up. When faced with difficulties always remind yourself, “It will pass.” Because problems don’t remain problems; they can turn into crucial life lessons that will make you a better person.

You are worthy

Never feel like you’re useless or no good. Never let the criticism or mockery of others get to you. You are, like I said, meant for greater things. Always.

Never, ever give up on your dreams and never, ever stop working towards your goals. And if life is cruel and throws many bumps in your path, face them headfirst. And if you lose your way, never be afraid to start again – and always remember that it is never too late to be the person you were meant to be.

Photo Source: Alexas_Fotos