Let Your Instincts Take Over to Get What You Want

Let Your Instincts Take Over to Get What You Want


After reading stories about globally-renowned achievers, I often get inspired and make resolutions. However, most of them are never fulfilled. I discussed this with my friends and realized that most people seem to have the same problem. I am now sure that merely getting inspired is not enough to get what you want. If you, too, often wonder about how to get what you want, read ahead.

Simplify Bigger Dream into Smaller, Doable Actions

This is the most important lesson I have learnt. When creating goals, we generally look at the final picture. For instance, if you want to become more muscular, you would think about your inspiration. It could be an athlete or a pro-wrestler. However, there is a long journey to accomplish this goal. Developing and retaining muscle mass doesn’t come easy—it takes serious commitment and persistence. It also requires a systematic approach to eating and exercising, along with a lot of discipline to follow the gym routine. Most of us don’t pay attention to these smaller steps that lead to the goal. We become obsessed with the result that awaits us. This can be a major problem.

Continuing the same example, you might realize that it takes about 45 days just to get your body conditioned for the grueling workouts. A month or two cannot give you the muscular physique that you want to achieve. This realization can de-motivate us, making the path to our goal seem overwhelming.

The solution

The solution lies in breaking the bigger target into small, achievable actions. This is essentially a process of creating smaller sub-goals that add-up to your eventual goal. For instance, developing bigger shoulders can be your goal for the first month at the gym. Taking protein supplements and spending more time to get a chiseled core can be a goal for the next month. I have read many self-help books about how to get what you want but most of them didn’t emphasize this point—every small step you accomplish gives you more confidence to carry on! Smaller, doable steps seem less daunting and will keep you motivated. This is why you must create smaller sub-goals on the way to the main goal that you want to achieve.

Trust Your Instincts & Choose What You Love

All of us possess an inner, guidance mechanism. It surfaces in the form of a strong gut-feeling, a hunch, or an alternate perception from our subconscience. However, we often snub this feeling. We tend to be guided by what the society accepts as a norm. I have come to the conclusion that this is perhaps the biggest roadblock to achieve what you want. This inner voice is our instinct. It is derived from what we really want and our judgment, uninfluenced by what seems more acceptable to others. And in most cases, it is right. Although there are exceptions, but following the gut feeling is very natural.

Go with it

Neglecting this inner voice is often the reason why people carry frustration and a sense of regret throughout their lifetime. Yes, it is not necessary that the results are positive for every time you trust your instincts. However, you feel proud about sticking to your point of view. Failure is least likely to overpower you if you take actions based on your instincts. Let your instincts take over and guide you. Choosing life’s goals to appease people around you doesn’t make sense if it makes you bitter in the longer run. If you go against your instinct and fail, you would always feel bad about it.

Ditch the Critics, Surround Yourself with Positive Souls

When choosing companions, you often have a choice— an option to choose people who uplift your spirits or those who are cynical and depressing. The latter kind of crowd will deter you from giving your best to achieve your goals. Positive people are likely to motivate you when the going gets tough. Surround yourself with positivity. Similarly, try to stay away from relationships that are overbearing and exhaust you.