Let Love Flow in the Air – Sometimes Showing Love is Important

“Where there is love, there is life” – Mahatma Gandhi

Let me begin by saying this – love is as important as oxygen. I visited an orphanage once and I saw that toddlers became very happy to see me… and they had never seen me before! They clung to me like anything. Yes, the authorities were providing them with food and clothes. All they wanted from me was love. That’s the beauty of it – it cannot be bought with money, and it cannot be sold. It’s so divine that it flows from one heart to another. In fact, I believe that it’s the power that is driving the entire universe.

If love is something so important, shouldn’t you let it flow to others? And how can you do it? By showing it to others. Let others feel your love so that they can be blessed too. There are many ways in which you can show your love. You don’t need words to show it. Just express it by these emotions:


I was once injured in a road accident and nobody was around. A guy saw me lying on the ground, and picked me up. He helped me sit in his car and he drove to the nearest hospital. I reached there on time and was saved. I can never forget his kindness. It was his love for humanity that saved my life. One thing about kindness is that it never goes unnoticed. Even if nobody is there to see it, the universe will see it and repay you for it.


Not everyone shows empathy towards others, which is what makes it so rare. You should have compassion towards other humans as well as animals. I once saw a dog tied tightly to a post and he was feeling helpless. Nobody knew who left him there. I wanted to set him free, but I was scared that he might bite me. And then I saw a woman approach the dog with a pair of scissors and with one swift move, she set him free. And then she just walked away. I don’t know who she was but I was filled with so much respect for her. Empathy is something that will fill your heart with joy and love.


Patience is a virtue is what they say. It’s not easy being patient though. I have seen many people who don’t have any patience. You can see them everywhere – on the road, honking the horns, rushing to their destinations. The lack of patience can sometimes lead to painful results. Once my son was playing and making noise while I was working. I got frustrated, so I took his toy and threw it out. He started crying, and I felt guilty. He was just a child and was doing what came naturally to him. I should have had more patience and handled the situation like an adult, which I didn’t. Of course then I got up, brought his toy back, and also took him out for an ice-cream. But I also learned an important lesson – be patient.

Happiness for others

Envy comes naturally to us. We see someone achieve the success that we can only dream of, and we become envious. But we forget that each one of us has a different journey. While they may have more money, we might have something else that they miss from their life. Maybe a good spouse, or maybe a great network of friends. There is so much to life than just money. So when someone achieves something, it’s always good to be happy for them. It will not just make them happy, but it will also make you a better person.

So are you going to spread love with the help of these emotions? Try to have these qualities in your heart, and you’ll feel that you are generating more love than usual. And it will keep you happy and stress-free too.

Photo Source: AnnER