Let Go Of Your Troubles and Find Peace

“I am not perfect enough.”

“There is so much to do, so much to learn, so much to be – I will never be able to accomplish anything of importance.”

“The universe is so big, and I am so small in comparison, I am of zero importance.”

The negativity some of us feel on a regular basis is obviously counter-productive. The catch is that we KNOW it is so, but we do not work on it. Over time it becomes so regular and we become so used to it that it becomes a part of our lives. And when self-questioning, self-doubt and aimlessness becomes a part of our lives, we fail to live up to our full potential. It hinders personal progress and professional accomplishment, and nullifies the effects of any ways to relieve stress.

Therefore it is of prime importance for us to let go of the negativity, to let go of our pains and anger and dissatisfaction and troubles, and give in to the inner peace. There are several ways of doing this.

  1. You don’t always have to be right about everything.

Mistakes do not make you a failure, they help you reach your goal. A successful person is not the one who stays ahead, but the one who gets up and gets going after being knocked down. If you find that you were wrong about some issues or some people, learn from the experience and never repeat the same mistake twice; take life as an opportunity and use your errors to better yourself.

  1. Stay away from negative people.

You become your company. The acquaintances you make and the friendships you preserve will shape your outlook in life. So be careful. Keep distance from negative people, the naysayers, the you-can’t-do-it types who relish in bringing people down. Even if such people are among those you love, you need to let go of them and move on if you want to progress in your life. Staying away from such characters is one of the best ways to relieve stress as it keeps you optimistic and stay positive.

  1. Let go of your past.

We all have our demons, we all have our regrets, we all have bottled up anger, and resentments. It is human to be so, but it is productive to ignore the drills of your history and move on to better, brighter, more important things that you can look forward to and build upon.

  1. Be strong, stay strong.

You must stand on principle or not stand at all. Have breathing space and space for doubt, be open to change of opinions and new facts. But never be too vulnerable, never depend on others for opinions and inspiration; develop your own outlook towards life and your own philosophy. You are in control, you are in power of your own emotions, not an external agent.

  1. Perfection is a process, not a destination.

No matter how hard you try, no matter how long you struggle, you will never be “perfect”. That is the hard truth. Why? Because perfection in itself is both subjective and limitless. My idea of perfection will be different compared to yours, so there are infinite ways of being perfect as such. Also, one can never be perfect because there is always a better way of doing things or looking at things. You can always do better. Understanding there will always be mistakes on your part is among the most efficient ways to relieve stress. Either way, being perfect would be boring. Mistakes and oversights make life interesting, and they make life a learning curve. A perfect person – though nonexistent – would lead a boring life without learning anything new. Our imperfections are what make us perfect.

Photo Source: werner22brigitte