It is Not the End of the World.. Here’s How to Deal With a Breakdown


If you have ever observed children, you will probably have noticed that they have small breakdowns all the time. The reasons could be hunger, fatigue, or emotional issues like insecurity. It is not uncommon for children to have many breakdowns in one day, but these breakdowns don’t affect them in any way. They might cry for a toy for a while, but they quickly forget about that and are ready to go play with their friends.

A breakdown can be draining – both emotionally and physically. Adults view breakdowns as negative things, despite the fact that they are very common. By equipping yourself with the right mindset, you can turn breakdowns into positive, life changing experiences.

Here are some effective techniques to deal with breakdowns.

You might have suffered numerous breakdowns; however, it doesn’t mean that you are broken. A breakdown is an opportunity to learn and grow. It simply means that it is time for a change. You probably need to make changes in your lifestyle. You might need to give up old beliefs and embrace new ones.

If you are having a breakdown, you should listen to your inner voice to discover what you really need. Sometimes, all that you need is some rest and sleep. Sometimes, it is an indication that you should let go of an old habit. Sometimes, you simply need to change your beliefs. By letting go of old beliefs and embracing new ones, you can cope with your feelings better.

Find some time for yourself

Take proper care of yourself. You may have heard this umpteen times. Breakdowns are usually brought on by stress. One way of reducing stress is to take proper care of yourself. Try to find some time to do things you enjoy doing. Focus on what is really important. Put everything else aside. You can take care of them when you begin to feel better.

Create a list of things you enjoy doing and try to do at least some of them. As far as possible, try to avoid situations that trigger anxiety attacks. Also, distance yourself from people or situations that make you vulnerable.

If you feel overwhelmed, try to focus on one thing at a time. While multi-tasking is considered as a desirable quality, it is not something you should attempt when you are under tremendous pressure.

Eat well

Don’t find refuge in comfort foods. If you are feeling miserable, you may want to get into binge eating. Control that urge. If you are feeling tired, you will probably not want to get off the couch, but you should. Try to eat something healthy. You should also get some exercise. Nutritious food will always make you feel better. Of course, it is hard to feel the need to eat when you are emotionally unwell. But remember that you will only make the situation worse by starving yourself. If you don’t feel like eating a full meal, try eating a salad or some fruits. Limit your intake of sugar, alcohol, and caffeine. Drink plenty of water. You don’t necessarily have to hit the gym if you don’t feel like it. Instead, you can go for a walk even if it is for just five minutes.

Pour your emotions onto a piece of paper. Write every day. It is a huge relief. Write about good and bad days. Write about your emotions or the people you meet. Write about anything and everything. Writing gives you an opportunity to give vent to your emotions.

Get enough rest

Breakdowns happen when you are over-worked or sleep-deprived. So get adequate rest. You can enjoy this down time watching a funny or inspiring movie. Get enough sleep and read some books. Go easy on yourself even if you start feeling better. Don’t get back into your stressful schedule all over again. You are still agile and you need to take proper care of yourself until you recover fully.