How You Can Change Your Life By Changing Your Core Beliefs

Every one of us has our set of beliefs. You probably don’t talk about them loudly, but that does not make them less powerful. Most of us are guided by our beliefs in our everyday life. However, you can’t allow your beliefs to get the upper hand. You can’t allow them to control your thoughts or actions. Look around and you can see that most people who exhibit crazy or violent behavior have deeply held beliefs.

Getting guided by your beliefs is one thing; getting controlled by them is another thing. You are supposed to control your beliefs. If it is the other way around, you have a serious problem.

Your core beliefs are your most powerful beliefs. They shape your personality. They determine how you perceive yourself. If you believe that you are powerful or lovable, that core belief can have some really positive impacts on your life. If, on the other hand, you believe that you are a loser, the outcome of that core belief is going to be very different.

Managing emotional stress is easier if you have a deeper understanding of your core beliefs. It is important that you hold positive core beliefs. You should also activate those beliefs. By simply activating your positive core beliefs you can transform your reality. All of us have core beliefs about love, self-worth and sense of security. Your core beliefs are shaped by your entire life. At the same time, your entire life is shaped by your core beliefs. Take, for instance, the case of love. People can hold several core beliefs about love. While some are positive, others are negative.

Positive Beliefs

  • I am lovable.
  • I want to give and get unconditional love.
  • Love is eternal. In fact, human love has the power to connect with divine love.

Negative Beliefs

  • I’m not lovable.
  • Love is a fleeting emotion that can turn into hate easily.
  • Love is a kind of delusion. In fact, only insane people fall in love.

It is not hard to see that someone who holds positive core beliefs about love will be happier than someone else who holds negative beliefs about love. Most of us have had positive and negative experiences of love. These experiences have no real impact on our core beliefs. A person who holds positive core beliefs about love will continue to hold them even after tasting failure in love. That is because core beliefs are a bit like microchips. They are buried at a deeper layer of your mind, and send out powerful messages from there. They are not impacted by your everyday life.

If managing emotional stress is your goal, you need to change these messages. This is not possible without bringing in self-awareness. If your core beliefs are left to themselves, they will continue to send the same message. So, a little girl who believes that she is ugly will most probably grow into a woman who holds the same belief. This negative belief will shape her entire personality and affect her sense of self-worth.

As we have seen, you cannot change your core beliefs without bringing in awareness. Here is a useful technique to change your core beliefs. Take a sheet of paper and prepare a list of your positive and negative beliefs. Now write down your core beliefs around a topic like love. While preparing the list, do not censor yourself. Write down all beliefs that come to your mind. Return to this list a few days later. Add to the list as new positive and negative thoughts emerge. When your list is complete, assess it.

Be honest. This is your personal communication with yourself, so you don’t have to be ashamed of any particular negative belief. Once you have prepared the list, try to diminish your negative beliefs with your positive beliefs. This is not easy.  One way of managing emotional stress is to achieve communion with the higher self. This process heals wounds and helps you think more positively. Using the same technique you can diminish any negative belief.

Photo Source: Riedelmeier