How to Unleash the Power Within?

How to Unleash the Power Within?


Thanks to the hectic life that we lead today, our mind is hardly ever at peace. It is always racing. We are constantly worrying about our future, meeting our deadlines, and paying our bills. Do we ever get a moment for quiet introspection?

When our mind is constantly occupied with thoughts, we cannot unleash its true power. In our modern world, we live amidst distractions. There is noise everywhere. The cellphone, the internet –they all distract us. Distractions prevent the mind from developing its full potential.

How to harness the power of the mind

This requires practice. To start with, you need to understand a few things about yourself.

You are a powerhouse of unique talents and there is a reason for your existence. It is up to you to decide whether you want to discover that or not. You have got skills and abilities that nobody else has.

How to discover your full potential?

This requires self-awareness. What is self-awareness? To put it simply, it is the knowledge of your true self. To gain self-awareness, you need to look into your mind. What exactly is the mind? It means different things to different people, but it is the same everywhere.

Some people call it the higher self or the universe. For others, it is their inner CEO or consciousness. No matter what you call it, your mind is an unlimited source of power.

If you are like most people, you believe in the existence of a supernatural power. Call it god or whatever – It is this supernatural power that created the whole universe and everything in it including you. If you can befriend this power, you can achieve whatever you want.

Your inner knowledge is more powerful than your unconscious mind. It is what helps you connect with this supreme power. It listens to your thoughts and words and follows your directions. When your mind is full of conflicting thoughts, your inner knowledge has a tough time figuring out what you want. And consequently it cannot fulfill your wishes.

But when you are single minded, when your mind is occupied with just one thought, and your inner knowledge knows what you want. Once it gets the message, it will harness the power of the universe and help you achieve your goal. That is the power of the mind. When you are focused, you can achieve extraordinary things. However, this requires concentration. Your mind is hardly ever quiet. It is always occupied with myriad thoughts.

How to improve concentration

You are as powerful, as intelligent, and as talented as anybody else. If all of us have got the same talents, why are some people more successful and more powerful than the others? I will explain. It is true that all of us have got the same skills, but unless you discover them, they will lay dormant. You need to find them by actively seeking them. This wouldn’t be possible if you don’t know how to improve concentration. Once you have discovered your talents through the power of concentration, you need to provide the right environment where they can flourish.

You need to align yourself with the same unlimited energy that powers the whole universe.

Let go of all that past conditioning that stifled your confidence. Let go of all those negative thoughts, ideas, and emotions. Start looking at life with a brand new mind.

Be curious. Think like a little child. Ask and you will find the answer.

Challenge everything. People might assume that you are crazy, but don’t listen to them. Don’t listen to your detractors. If you think you can change the world, you can.

Listen to your inner voice. Got an idea that can change the world? Let it develop. Don’t let the fear of failure overpower you. Let it occupy your thoughts. By constantly thinking about this one goal, you can give the right direction to your inner knowledge.

Let the energy of the universe permeate through you. Let universal wisdom flow through your body, mind, and spirit. At this stage you will discover what self-awareness is and what it can do for you.