How to Overcome Fear and Achieve Extraordinary Things

How to Overcome Fear and Achieve Extraordinary Things


Pain, fear, and failure are not something that can be wished away. They are very much a part of our existence. We might know someone very well, but unless we have experienced the same emotions that they are going through, we will never know how or what they are feeling.

All of us go through circumstances that drive us to despair. Indeed these are painful moments when we doubt whether we really have a reason to continue living. But should we let these negative emotions overpower us? Should we let the fear of failure prevent us from achieving our goals?

I think how we feel about ourselves will ultimately decide what we become. If you picture yourself as a loser, then that is what you will become. The key to success is cultivating the right self-image.

Effective stress management techniques

If you are feeling low, there is nothing wrong with acknowledging that fact. Take heart, gather your courage and start all over again.

Don’t accept mediocrity

All of us are capable of achieving extraordinary things. Unfortunately, we want to get by doing as little as we possibly can. Until we try, we will never succeed.

People who have low self-esteem usually focus on the negatives. They give up easily when they meet with adversity.

Find the courage within you

Every one of us was born fearless. Do you remember how you learned to walk? You might have fallen countless times before you managed to walk on your own.

You wouldn’t achieve that feat if you were afraid of falling. If you are fearless, you can achieve anything. Here I will show you how you can face your fears and achieve success.

Understand that courage is not the absence of fear.

You have an unlimited source of power lying dormant within you. And when you need it, you can derive strength from this source. You have experienced both success and failures and you will continue to experience them as long as you live.

Do not wage a war against your inner feelings as it will only lead to more suffering. Accept things the way they are. Accept success. Accept defeat. Accept pain and pleasure. Do not wallow in self-pity. When you accept things, especially the negative ones, they will become less of a problem.

How to find courage

You draw strength and courage from things that really matter to you. If you really care about something, you will have the courage to sacrifice anything for it. It is what drives soldiers. Their motivation to serve their nation gives them the courage to face the battlefield. Identify the things that truly matter to you.

Think about previous occasions when you showed courage.

You may have overcome a disability or learned to live with a challenge. You may have had to leave your parents and live on your own in a strange city. When you think about occasions when you successfully faced a challenge, you will gain courage. And don’t forget to praise yourself for acting with courage.

Do not worry about disappointing other people. Worry about disappointing yourself. You are your best judge and you’re answerable to yourself. If you feel that by doing certain something, your own self will feel proud of you, just go ahead and do it. Do not think hesitate or think twice. If you have the courage to face yourself, you will soon have the courage to face everyone.

Talking to other people who may have gone through the same experience can help. Courage is not about being fearless. Understand that as human beings, we all have fears. Instead, courage is about living in spite of the fear. It’s about facing your fears and not giving in to them. Start facing your fears from today and you’ll soon notice a difference in your behavior. You’ll feel more confident, enthusiastic, and more courageous.