How to Live a Life Free Of Regrets


We don’t know for how long we will live. That is why we need to live and cherish every moment. One day, every one of us has to leave the stage. And when we are close to our end, we will begin to think about the beginning. It would be too late now.

But don’t wait until you reach the end of your life. Start from today. Start living right now. Now that you have plenty of life left in you, grab the opportunity. Forget about the past. Forget about your age. Forget about your limitations. Let today be the very first day of your new life. And at the end of this day, let there be no explanations, excuses, or regrets.

Here are a few things you can do to take control of your life so that you wouldn’t regret another day.

Be your master

Be true to yourself. Live your dream. Many people fail to pursue their goals and dreams because of their fears. They listen to others and give up even before they try. Eventually, life’s river will flow them downstream. Don’t let this happen to you. Have conviction. Show courage. And when you really have to swim upstream, that is what you should do. Zen teachings advise us to do meaningful things with our life. Let others be content with their small lives. Let them fight or cry over small things. But you must not do it.

Take calculated risks

As life is short, you can’t be an amateur forever. Sooner or later, you will realize that sitting perched in your comfy nest is riskier than flying. So spread your wings and fly. Wouldn’t it be a disgrace to age without realizing your full potential?

Don’t wait until you have learned everything. It’s not possible to learn everything anyway, so just take a leap once in a while.

Have faith in your potential

If the goal does not challenge you, it is unlikely to change you. Change aids growth. If the task seems unachievable, don’t lose heart. Just start. Break the task into smaller pieces. Now everything will look possible. If you think you can, you CAN.

Take another step everyday

You may trip and fall. You may make mistakes and fail. But don’t lose heart. Stand strong. You live to learn. You aren’t perfect. You are trying to achieve perfection. You may be down, but you are not out. Learn from your experiences and cherish the opportunity to struggle and overcome challenges in pursuit of happiness. Yes, the journey might be difficult, but the joy that you will find when you reach your destination is priceless. Have faith in your inner strength.

Forget about your disappointments

Forget about your bad experiences. Forget about your failures. Don’t be defined or confined by the things you did or didn’t do in the past. Don’t allow regret to control your life. Accept the truth that life isn’t perfect. People aren’t perfect either. And in this world, you will find all sorts of people and things that will hurt or disappoint you.

Live in the present

All of us seek happiness. But unfortunately, many people believe that happiness lies outside of us. When we are young, we believe that we will find happiness in the future. When we are old, we believe that our happiness rested in the past. Both beliefs are wrong. Happiness can only be found in the present.

Don’t spend your entire life fighting with yourself or your realities. Let go of your illusions and you will find happiness. At this very moment, there are plenty of things to smile about.

Think about what you have

Things may not be perfect, but every day brings with it a lot of opportunities. Seize them before they are gone. Wherever you look, you will find small ways for you to improve things. In these small pieces of time that you are likely to waste, you will find pieces of something larger to be created. And if you put those pieces together, everything will be achievable.

Express your love

Eventually you will have to lose the people in your life. So express your love when they are still very much there.  Tell them what you want to tell them. Don’t let the awkwardness prevent you from having an important conversation.

Treat goodbyes as a gift

When you lose people or opportunities, don’t hold on to them. Understand that they are no longer a part of the plan God has for you. ‘Goodbyes’ merely indicate that your growth requires someone different or something more.