How to Heal Yourself with the Power of the Mind

Believe it or not, we are all equipped with a natural self-repair mechanism controlled by our thoughts and beliefs. Our body can do miracles. It can eliminate toxins, kill cancer cells, fight infections and keep us healthy. Then why do we fall ill? We fall ill when our self-repair mechanisms do not work properly. Why does this happen?

The self-repair mechanism only works when the nervous system is in a relaxation response. If we are always under stress, it will not work. That means beating stress is the key to healing ourselves.

There are several ways to counter the effect of stress and negative thoughts on our body.

The inspiration for healing should stem from the mind. Medicine does not necessarily have to be pills prescribed by your doctor. In fact, the pills won’t heal your body if you have no faith in their power to heal.

Here are five ways to heal yourself with the power of your mind.

Believe in the power of the treatment

Believe in the power of the medicine you take. Talk to your pills. If you believe that they are going to heal you, then they will do it. Your faith in the treatment you receive can dramatically improve the outcome.

Think positive

It is a well-known fact that optimists have better immune systems. They recover better from complicated medical procedures like bypass surgery. They also tend to live longer. Realism is not exactly good for health so convince yourself that everything is going to work out fine. Anxiety and negative thoughts lead to illnesses. For example, stress increases the risk of dementia, diabetes and heart problems.

By contrast, positive beliefs help us feel safe and secure. Stress causes inflammation. Optimism helps reduce the inflammation caused by stress. Also, it helps control the level of the stress hormone cortisol. Some people are born optimists. But even if you weren’t born an optimist, you can develop positive thoughts.

Trust people

The way you interact with the people around you also have a huge impact on your health. People who are socially active tend to sleep better and age slowly. On the other hand, those who live alone have increased risk of developing problems like depression or dementia. Social isolation is as bad as smoking to your health. That is probably because people who live alone often fail to take care of themselves. This does not mean that you need a large circle of friends to feel good about yourself. In fact, you need just one or two friends. If you are happy with your life, you don’t have to worry. Associating yourself with the right people is important. You should be able to trust the people in your life. If you feel threatened by them, their presence in your life won’t help you.


Meditation is known to have several health benefits. Meditation boosts immune response and helps slow down the progression of degenerative diseases. Meditation may also slow down the process of aging. You don’t necessarily have to spend hours on a mountaintop to gain the benefits of meditation. Meditation is known to cause positive structural changes in your brain after just eleven hours of training.

Have faith in the supreme self

Do you believe in a higher self? Religious people tend to enjoy good health. Although the connection between spirituality and wellness is not clear, several studies have shown that people who have high ‘spiritual faith’ respond better to treatments. Maybe this is similar to the placebo effect. You believe that some deity will heal you and that belief is as good as getting any treatment.

So, it is all in the mind. You should derive the inspiration for healing from your own mind. If you believe that you are going to get well, then you most probably will.

Photo Source: geralt