How to Create Good Karma And Change Your Life for The Better

The word ‘karma’ is one of the most misunderstood words. People assume that it is a negative term. Karma, actually, is neither positive nor negative. You create good karma when your motive is good and you create bad karma when your motive is bad. It is as simple as that.

Karma comes from Sanskrit. It simply means ‘action’. So, your karma is your actions. If your actions are good, the results too will be good and if your actions are bad, the results too will be bad. Generally speaking, when we use the word karma we are referring to the never ending cycle of cause and effect.

Karma can be a great inspiration for healing, if you delve deeper into it. According to the Karma theory, every action that you take will affect you at some point in your life. Actually, the word karma also applies to our words and thoughts. That means evil thoughts have the power to create evil effects.

Karma actually empowers us and provides inspiration for healing. By simply choosing to do good deeds we can create good experiences in our lives. Interestingly, there is another dimension to this. Good and bad are all relative. What is good for you need not necessarily be good for another person. And sometimes your best can cause pain to another person. Sometimes we make choices that hurt others only to regret our actions later. Sometimes our needs prevent us from doing the right thing. When you hurt another person, be prepared to get hurt at some point in the future. The laws of karma ensure that you get what you give. If you understand how this karmic boomerang works, you will learn to act more compassionately.

Thoughts are as powerful as actions. When someone hurts you with their actions, instead of hoping that they will get their due, try to look at things from another perspective. By wishing them ill, you can only create bad karma. So, instead of thinking about their karma, focus your attention on your own karma.

Here is how to create good karma.

Be grateful

We learn from our experiences. So be thankful for every experience you have. It does not matter whether it is good or bad. An experience is something that helps you to evolve into a better person.

Act with love

Treat everyone with love and kindness. What they have done to you is in their karma. You don’t have to worry about it at all.

Check your motives

Your motives decide whether your actions are good or bad. When you act with a selfish motive, it will create bad karma. So make sure that your actions are triggered by your love for humanity.

Watch your attitude

Negative thoughts create negative energy, so stay away from them. They hurt you more than they hurt others.


It is not easy to forgive someone who has hurt you. But by simply forgiving people who have been hostile to you, you can create good karma. So, the next time someone treats you badly, tell yourself to give them love and kindness. Keep in mind that people behave angrily when they are under pressure. Their bad behavior wasn’t triggered by you. It was triggered by their own problems. It was about them. It was not about you. So, you have no reason to get agitated when another person loses their temper.

And when you get angry and throw negativity around, remember that it is about you, not them. The problem is with you. Own that and you will be able to develop a better perspective on the situation. Some amazing things will happen in your life when you stop wishing ill on others. When you act generously, generosity will begin to pour in.

You are a kind person, but you are still experiencing a streak of misfortune. Don’t assume that your good karma didn’t help you. When it comes to karma there is no definite timeline. It is not on your schedule and you will probably have to wait years before good deeds yield good results. So, take everything in your stride. Remember that good deeds never breed bad and bad deeds never yield good.

If you are looking for an inspiration for healing, you must not overlook what karma can do for you. So be mindful of your thoughts, words and actions.

Photo Source: Rainer_Maiores