How To Connect With Your Inner Voice

As a child I was subjected to several incidents where I heard voices and was swept away by strong pangs of emotion. They were infrequent, but unpredictable in nature. Because I was a child, I often felt insecure by these happenings; they made me wonder if I was a freak, if I suffered from delusion or mental illnesses. Due to improper knowledge and lack of guidance, I suppressed my inner voice as a toxic tool and subdued it.

However, my “victory” over my inner voice would cost me dearly. I spent several years in the wilderness, lost and aimless. My academics suffered and my life seemed hard to handle. My social circle was nonexistent and my support system lacking. No amount of counselling or forced self improvement thoughts could help me.

It was at the height of my despair and directionless period of my life that that voice came back to me. It did not come back all at once; it came back in phases. I discovered that it was clearer to listen to when I was indulged in certain kinds of activities – like running, writing etc. It was a comforting voice, not unknown and scary like in my childhood. It was my intuition.

Working with and listening to my intuition has helped me reclaim my place in society and I have been climbing back in life.

Your intuition is the shortest, most efficient way to the emotions you want to conquer if you want to better your personality and make wiser decisions. Think of it as jogging: for the first few days it will seem like too much work, but after two or three weeks you will feel your day is incomplete without jogging. Similarly, as you access and pay attention to your intuition more often, the more comfortable you will feel with your inner voice. Listen to it and you will see yourself making monumental strides in your personal, professional and social life. Your intuition is your guide to having self improvement thoughts. Here are a few ways of doing the same.

1) Silence is the key.

In the humdrum and mayhem of the modern, digital, industrialized age, we have lost touch with the music of silence. Yes, silence is also music in a way. We have become too accustomed to traffic snares, factory noises, market dins and manufacturing rackets. Silent contemplation gives the same effect as having self improvement thoughts. There is no particular “method” to be quiet. The trick is to stop talking, stop listening to outside agents and pay attention to your inner voice, your intuition.

2) Know your body.

This might sound slightly strange, but the quickest way to embracing your inner voice is by fine tuning your body. By keeping in tune with your body, you familiarize with your whole self. Only then can you partake from the vast body of knowledge. There are several ways of keeping in tune with your body. Exercise, yoga, pilates, jogging, massages – these are just a few examples. Physical work relieves the load off your shoulders and the stress off your mind. It also enhances your health, keeps your body fit, and ensures your acquaintance with your intuition.

3) Identify your expressions.

You must be good at controlling your feelings if you want to succeed in life. Feelings are like the ocean – they seem peaceful at the surface, but it is an entirely different world below the surface. We must learn to control our emotions and express them in the correct way to connect with our intuition.

4) Connect with nature.

In the end, we are all animals, only more evolved. And like all animals, we share an inexplicable bond with nature. This is a very cherished bond that we all experience. Whether a walk in the woods, a swim in the ocean, a shower in the rain, as human beings we espouse a love for Mother Nature. Our intuition is also something natural, though characteristically endemic. When we connect with nature, we connect with our inner selves and are able to contemplate on a whole new different level.

Photo Source: geralt