Great Zen Body Can Be Achieved With Great Zen Mind. Just One Rule Applies – Change Your Mindset

Healthy Body

We are living in a world obsessed with thinness. Everybody wants to lose weight. A lot of people spend years of their life searching for a magic pill or cure that will make them slimmer. They try every diet plan. Sometimes they get the results they want; sometimes they don’t.

Some diets work in the short term, but when you go off the diet, you will regain your weight. This can be quite frustrating.

Why don’t these diets work?

Most of these diets are restrictive. You have to go off them to lead a normal life. After all, who can survive on a rabbit diet for months on end? Nobody can. When your body doesn’t get what it wants, it will begin to revolt. You might lose weight, but you will not be happy. You will feel empty inside and that emptiness will force you to go off the diet. And before you even realize it you will gain all the weight you lost.

You don’t have to punish yourself to lose weight. Ask anyone who has been on a diet recently and they will readily admit that the experience has been miserable. Since everybody is suffering to lose weight, you assume that you too have to suffer. Worse, some people even assume that if the diet doesn’t make them suffer, it is unlikely to work.

Most diet programs make us believe that our body is flawed and that it can’t be trusted. Hence people stop listening to their body. So, according to your dietician’s advice, you eat small meals every 2 hours, even though you are not hungry. And when you are hungry, you wait until the next planned meal. Besides damaging your weight loss program, these beliefs destroy your life. When you stop trusting your body, both personal and professional aspects of your life will begin to suffer. You will develop serious doubts in your ability tomake sound decisions. And the notion that you can’t be happy if you aren’t pencil thin will destroy all happiness in your life.

Understand that these beliefs are more toxic than the fattiest and unhealthiest foods you eat. That explains why you need to change that mindset.

So instead of focusing on weight loss, you should focus on developing some positive beliefs.  Tell yourself that you can be happy irrespective of your weight. Understand that happiness doesn’t come from earning a six figure salary or achieving a super slim figure. It comes from trusting your body and living in the present.

Nourish your body; don’t punish it

Healthy eating is all about nourishing your body; it is not about punishing it. When you hate your body, you will want to fix it using all possible means. On the other hand, the moment you start trusting your body, you will begin to ask the question ‘what can I do to nourish my body?’ This will allow you to make better food choices.

Understand that your body is nothing short of a miracle. It needs to be trusted.

Trusting your body might seem hard at first, but you have to do it. Eat when you are hungry; drink when you are thirsty. You don’t resist the urge to breathe, do you? Why should you resist the urge to eat? The moment you begin to adopt these beliefs and acting on them, amazing things will begin to happen. You will learn to figure out when you are hungry; you will learn to understand how much relaxation and hydration you need.

When you communicate with your body, it will begin to send out clearer signals. It will also help you make better eating habits. When you eat to nourish your body, you will develop a desire to eat foods that make you feel good and taste delicious. The best part is that you will automatically lose weight. When you eat healthy food, your body will feel satisfied. As a result, you will stop having weird food cravings. This will help you lose weight.

Trust your body. It knows better than the best dieticians in the world. Follow your instinct. You will not only lose weight, but also lead a happy life.