Gain Energy and Start Things with a Positive Note


Whether you’re rich, poor, tall, short, atheist, religious – whatever, one thing that we all have in common is that we all have some dreams. All human beings have desires. It’s true that they say that desire is the root of all sadness, but if you limit your desires, you can be peaceful and happy.

It’s our desire that makes us achieve our goals – whether it’s about learning a new instrument, pursuing a new career, or speaking a new language – our desires make us better. We chase some dreams and it improves our lifestyle in some way. In a sense, it’s not always wrong to have desires – especially if they’re achievable. Dreaming big can be a good thing too – but it often gives you anxiety, so it’s a decision that you have to make – whether to have big dreams or not. In this section, we’ll discuss how to have the energy to achieve your dreams.

Many times we can’t chase our dreams because we’re simply worn out. To achieve your targets, you need both physical energy as well as positive energy. When you’re tired and demotivated, just focus on the hope. The hope that has kept you alive and made you chase your target in the first place.

Here’s how you can get back that energy:

Live in present: Your energy goes down when you think about the past or imagine the future. If you stay in the present, you can focus on the tasks on hand. There is no point thinking about the past or future. Just focus on the present and you can feel that energy coming back to you.

Have a shower: Whenever I’m feeling anxious or uncertain, I take a shower, and it mostly refreshes me. You can try the same thing. You don’t have to shower for long either. Just enjoy the shower for some minutes, and you’ll feel refreshed.

Deep breathing: Deep breathing can have a positive impact on you. It’s best done early in the morning or in the evening. But whenever you feel that your anxieties are ganging upon you, you can always try some deep breathing exercises.

Change your lifestyle: If anxiety has become deep-rooted and is a part of your life now, you need to change your lifestyle. Exercise regularly – go for a walk or cycling. As you go outside, you’ll see more people and that will make you feel alive.

Meet more people: If you work alone, it’s best that you go out and meet more people. As times are changing, more and more people find employment online, which is a great thing, but it does not involve social interactions. Make sure you go out at least once a week and meet friends and family.

Stay away from negative people: If you have anyone in your life who wants to bring you down or drain your energy, stay away from them. They’ll never give you anything positive in return. It’s best to go and make new friends.

Stay away from junk food: You might not know, but your eating habits play a large role in the way you think. If you take too many processed foods, you might feel physically unhealthy, which will have an impact on your mental health as well.

Love your body: What if you spent all your life savings on a luxury car? Would you take care of it? Definitely you would… but you don’t take care of your body in a similar way. Your body is the most precious asset that you have. Take care of it to stay happy.

Drink more water: When you drink more water, the toxins are washed away from your body and you get more positive energy to work hard. Also make sure that you eat a lot of greens, because they are rich in anti-oxidants.

With all these factors, you’ll have a healthy and happy mind and body. Cut off from all those things that fill negative energy in your life and you’ll notice that you’re recharged – with physical as well as positive energy.

Photo Source: Geralt