Feel Lost in Daily Life? Try These Suggestions to Find a Direction

Source: http://proverbialslang.com/

What does Monday morning mean to you – the start of a five-day dreadful period to drain you out until the weekend arrives? We all share this feeling once in a while, but some of us feel that quite often, and this is a terrible way to start the week. But is it truly your fault for feeling this way? No, it simply means that you are lost in the chaos of life. You don’t exactly have to live with it your entire life. A little change in approach, attitude, and thinking can help you find the right track. You can keep working in the same office and still change your way of living with minimum effort.

Here’s how you can begin:

  • Set your phone or computer to record your voice.
  • Close your eyes and imagine an amount of money, which would make you feel rich.
  • Now, picture this amount as your own bank balance.
  • This would be the time to hit the ‘record’ button on your preferred device.
  • Think of all the things you would want to do if you had this much amount of money. Let your imagination go wild. Recall as many dreams and desires as you can. Even if something silly comes into your head, don’t interrupt the flow of thought.
  • Next, imagine doing each of these things, and speak your actions and experience into your voice-recording program. Describe as well as you can. Do it as if you’re watching a movie and narrating it at the same time.
  • Don’t forget to start the whole session with a smile. And keep it on until you reach your dream destinations. After that, you won’t have to put any effort, you’ll be smiling automatically.
  • Once you’re done, stop the recording and play it back for yourself.

What will you hear?

You might be smiling at the question. ‘Don’t I know what I’ve recorded!’ Well, not exactly. The first time you were talking, giving the ‘directions’ which you had lost. This time you’d be listening, understanding what those directions are. No matter what silly things you hear, remember these are the things which make you feel happy. These are things that you want to do in life, and since you’re not working towards them, you feel lost. From Monday to Friday (or Saturday), you feel lost because you’re running, chasing someone else’s directions of life.

Things to do

Make a list of the things that you spoke about. You’d be surprised, there might be things in the list which you can take care of right now. But just because you haven’t heard your own desires and dreams, these things are still in the list. Go ahead and get these wishes fulfilled first.

Next, listen to that recorded, inner voice every day. Start your day with it. During the entire day, see what you can do to fulfill one of the wishes from your list. And for the bigger ones that need time, find out what you can do to get one step closer to them. Before you’re done for the day, listen to that inner voice again. Plan what all you can do tomorrow for your list. When you start doing this, you’ll find your Mondays are changing. All the other working days will change too, because now you won’t be dragging your feet to get through the week. You’ll be gliding, skating, and flying along with time. You’ll end your Sundays, waiting for Monday mornings. You might find yourself too occupied, but you’ll be enjoying most of the time. There’s nothing more fun than pursuing your own set of goals and passion.

It’s a pretty simple exercise, and yet you’ll see yourself changing. Just listen to your inner voice – that’s the only thing required to have a happy and fulfilling life.