Enlightenment Therapy – Healing Mind, Body, and Soul  

Enlightenment therapy

Mind, body, and soul – they all combine to make who we are. We are not just the body alone. Traditional therapies only address one aspect of our being – the body. This is why many of us fail to find a cure to our problems. If your emotions are hurt, and you heal the outer body, it’s not going to help.

The best approach is to connect the three elements. When you connect the three, you can go through a personal evolution to be more direct in your approach, and reach a higher level of consciousness.

Even the most powerful Zen masters can sometimes isolate from their unique self. Under such circumstances, they would need a professional that could help them realize their true self again. Such professionals use techniques that might be called mystical by some. However, these methods are based on principles of nature and the universe. These are the principles on which everything is based, including us.

Today’s scientists and physicists agree that the mind and body are inseparable and have a unique connection with each other. Although we don’t give a thought to it, but we always live in our own self-consciousness. There are billions of people on the earth, and each one of us has their own fears, emotions, and insecurities. They all try to be a part of the crowd, but somewhere each one feels that he or she is different on some level.

And we all make interactions with each other. Sometimes these are face-to-face verbal communication, and sometimes they are based on body language. And then there are some interactions that are completely explainable – as if you are reading someone’s aura. For example, you might have noticed that someone is actually smiling at you, but you can still sense his anger. Enlightenment therapy can help you understand seen and unseen interactions, and save you from harmful ones.

Enlightenment therapy is like a combination of teachings from Buddha and Freud. It is not new, in fact, it follows an ageless process, combining the body, mind, and soul. It recognizes the three elements as the part of one’s being. If you go for conventional psychotherapy, the professional will deal with your mind. However, the three elements are not independent. There is no way of treating one without treating the other. Enlightenment therapy treats all three elements to make sure that the patient is completely healed.

You might be physically ill because of your loneliness or depression. Regular therapy cannot treat that. They can either treat body, or mind; but not both. In case of physical sickness due to depression, the patient needs someone who can treat their body as well as mind. This is where the enlightenment therapist can help.

What should be the outcome of a successful therapy? Should it be like a band-aid on our mental problems? Absolutely not! It should help us live the kind of life we want to. Enlightenment therapy doesn’t guarantee that there will be no future problems. Instead, it helps a person to develop strength, adaptability, and confidence so that we can fight against the future problems with ease.

Even if you have been taking other forms of less-effective therapies, enlightenment therapy can still help you out. When people work together to achieve a common goal, good things can happen.

With the right kind of mind-body-soul healing, you can break the barriers and set yourself free. You might ask free from what… you’d be free from self-destruction, lack of confidence, and an overall unhealthy lifestyle.

What you need is a master – someone who can teach you and guide you to the right path. Can an enlightenment therapy specialist do that? Most likely, yes. If you have tried other therapies and found just a little relief with them, enlightenment therapy can help you a lot. Since it combines all three aspects of your being, it is a complete solution to the problems that you face.