Don’t Handle Your Depression, Kick it Away!

Don’t Handle Your Depression, Kick it Away!

Depression can arise in many forms. Sometimes, it is very obvious and at times, present in a passive manner. The occasional bout of sadness is nothing to be worried about. It is okay if your spirits are down for a day or two. However, if you have recurring and long phases of feeling miserable, it can be a case of clinical depression. This means you have to step outside your realm of comfort and explore ways to overcome this problem. If left unaddressed, depression can take a persistent form, i.e. chronic depression.

I have discovered a few easy and practical ways to handle depression. This is essentially a combination of curative and preventive steps to comprehensively combat sporadic or chronic depression.

Get Honest—Don’t Fret to Address the Situation

The first step to resolving any problem is acknowledging it. You need to talk to yourself and admit that you are developing an unwanted pattern. Many times, the reason isn’t very obvious. This is a common problem when trying to identify the signs of depression in teens. You need to dig up the answers. If self-introspection is something new to you, write down all the things that are bothering you. Slowly, start crossing out the problems that really don’t affect your everyday behavior. Eventually, you will be able to identify the most plausible reason.

Empty the Mind, Refill it with Positivity

The principles of Zen mind emphasize the importance of decluttering the mind. This is simply a process of letting go of the emotions that are weighing you down. When you let go, you are cleansing your mind. The toxic thoughts, all the pessimism, and frustration need to be drained out. You can declutter your mind by trying meditation. Even a few minutes of meditation are sufficient to get in touch with your real self.

The layers of random thoughts that have overpowered you need to be addressed and eased away. This can be done through seeking closure too. If you harbor bitterness or grudges against somebody, try to face the person and vent-out your grievance. If this seems impossible, try the Zen principle of forgetting and forgiving. I believe in the latter option. Seeking closure is useful but not a very practical solution. It is almost impossible to face every person against whom we bear a grudge. Just make peace with yourself that whatever has happened to you is now the past. Feed on positive thoughts like gratitude, appreciation, and the humor hidden in everyday instances.

Exhaust Yourself Physically to Recover Mentally

You must have heard about stages of depression. Mental healthcare professionals use these stages to define the severity of symptoms. Whatever stages of depression you might be suffering from, it is most likely that you have shut yourself from the world. This is among the classic signs of depression in teens. When depressed, the energy levels dip. The initiative to take upon something exciting just dries-up—it is like a cocoon of negativity that envelopes you. Here you need to push yourself.

Try to take upon an activity that exhausts you. This should be something strenuous like lifting weights or skipping. A long run can be very therapeutic. This is a simple way to shake-off the clouds of self-doubt. Physical exercise induces the release of happy hormones called endorphins. This feeling of goodness is likely to last for a few hours, raising the chances of breaking through the spell of gloom. A game of squash or shooting hoops for an hour is always a better option than trying sedatives or antidepressant pills.

Also, it is important to break out of the negativity that is surrounding you. Indulge in a little music, but make sure it’s happy music. Sad music can make you even more depressed. Do not play the music that reminds you of the reason you are in depression. Hip hop genre of music can help you get rid of your depression.