Doing These Things Can Bring You Only Pain and Sadness. Stop Right NOW!



We often get to read or hear about the things which we need to do in life. But what about the things which we should not be doing; the things which can never do us any good? If you find yourself feeling hurt and depressed quite often, pay attention to these mistakes. Stop now and save yourself.

1. Depending on others for happiness

It’s true that no person can live like an island. Being interdependent is human nature. But relying on others all the time for experiencing happiness is wrong. The joy and happiness that people bring to you should be considered only as a bonus. The primary source of your happiness will always be you. Doing the things which bring you closer to yourself and make you feel content will keep you smiling and happy.  The Zen mind is happy and peaceful in itself.

2. Shopping for happiness

You must have heard this quote ‘whoever said happiness can’t be bought, didn’t know the right shop.’ Now that’s good for advertisements, but happiness is not limited to, or based on the things you can acquire and possess. It’s about the moments you create for yourself. Getting addicted to shopping for the peace of mind can be toxic over a period of time. And toxic things are never healthy- neither for the body nor for your mind.

3. Hanging out with the wrong people

There are some of us who get satisfaction from all the wrong things. These are the people who always seek sympathy and are never short of depressing stuff to say. Nothing is ever good for them. And anytime you want to try something new or interesting, they would have 100s of reasons explaining why you shouldn’t be doing what you want to do. Disturbed mindset can be highly contagious. So if you spend time with such ‘companions,’ start maintaining distance as fast and as long as you can. Hang out with people who have something new or interesting to share with you and who are capable of having fun and productive conversations.

4. Tricking yourself with your own lies

At times, we don’t have any other option than lying. Being completely honest and truthful is practically impossible. We lie everyday – when someone asks us how we are feeling, we always say “great”, although we might be having an emotional crisis at that time. A bit of lying is okay, but this does not mean that you ‘have to’ lie all the time. But if an occasion demands for it, then playing smart is fine. However, no matter what lies you tell others, make sure you don’t start believing them yourself. Never lie to the person whom you see eye-to-eye in the mirror. Lying to others is like buying time or covering your tracks. But lying to your self is blindfolding yourself and stepping on an unknown and possibly dangerous path. Most of the times, people don’t even realize that they lie to themselves. So make a conscious effort to keep reminding yourself of the truth which you keep away from others.

5. Ignoring your problems

‘Ignorance is bliss’ – not when you’ve a problem at hand which needs a solution. Nobody is perfect. Even the most experienced and the most intelligent of us do come across problems which are beyond their caliber. That’s the way life keeps us active and awake. Ignoring problems or running away from them can be quite appealing at the initial stage, but never be under the impression that you’re escaping from it. By not facing your problems, you’re only allowing it to turn more challenging and damaging. Take your time, and spend it on analyzing your problem and looking for solutions.

You might have already come across most of these mistakes. But if you haven’t taken them seriously, then you’re committing a bigger mistake. No one deserves to stay unhappy or depressed, especially if it’s self-inflicted. By knowing these mistakes, you’re almost half-way to get rid of them. So stop these mistakes NOW.