Do You Wish To Turn Your Dreams into Reality? It’s All About Your Thoughts

Emotions have an energetic effect on space and matter. This explains why we feel relaxed when we enter a temple or another place of worship. This is the same reason why we feel tense when we are in a scene of conflict.

We can change our life with our thoughts. Positive thoughts attract positivity into our life. In the same way, negative thoughts attract negativity.

Attention is a powerful tool. Your feelings and thoughts are magnets. Every time you think about something you are attracting that into your life. If you repeatedly think about it, you will finally have it in your life.

Feelings are even more powerful than thoughts. Your emotions have a huge impact on your body. Every major emotion – love, anger, fear, joy – produces specific bio-chemicals called peptides. When you experience a powerful emotion, your brain and other cells in your body produce the peptide associated with that emotion. This peptide will create various physiological changes in the cells.

Cells create extra receptors for the peptides they receive the most. If we experience a particular emotion again and again, our body will assume that this is the way we want to feel. It will respond by creating receptors meant for that emotion. This makes our body addicted to that emotion. While at the same time it loses the ability to experience other emotions. So, for example, if you are always angry, you will find it difficult to experience feelings such as joy and love.

There are some powerful self-improvement techniques to turn dreams into realities. The Law of Attraction is one of them. When we place our attention and awareness on a positive and desirable emotion, other undesirable things naturally fall away. Therefore when we focus on something positive, we will attract more of that into our life.

None of us can get rid of negative emotions. They will definitely be there. When negative emotions arise in your heart, feel them and then let them go. Don’t hold on to them.

Here is how to attract the best things into your life

Envision the life you want to live

How does your ideal life look, feel and sound? Who are the people you want to be surrounded by? What is the source of your strength? Write down all of these in your personal journal.

Keep this vision with you all the time

Live in this envisioned reality. Experience it. Using the power of imagination, sense your vision, and experience it. Practice this for 10-20 minutes every day. Use a powerful symbol to make this visualization easy. Keep this symbolic image or thought with you all the time.

When you envision your dream life, make sure that you experience a strong sense of purpose. This isn’t another daydream that whisks you away from the dark reality. This is your dream. And you have the power to make it a reality. That is the purpose of this exercise. You must have faith in your dream.

Connect your thoughts with personal action

We create through our thoughts and vision. But if we want to receive something, we need to act. Thoughts are mere manifestations of our desire. If we want to have the desired results, we need to act. Affirmations will work only when they encourage us to act.

Decide what actions will take you towards your goals and then commit to them. You don’t have to quit your job to practice this. You can do this, while following your daily routine.

Using the Law of Attraction, you can attract just about anything into your life. Decide what you want and then focus your thoughts on that. This is one of the most effective self-improvement techniques you can use.

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