Do Not Like Failures? It is High Time You Accept Them and Learn From the Hidden Lessons

be kind, change yourself, don't lose heart, happy and content, Negative emotions

Successes and failures are a part of our life. Each one of us goes through some unpleasant (as well as pleasant) experiences. In retrospect, however, your worst times can be your best. You just need to look at them as great opportunities to learn and grow.

You get to learn a lot from your experiences. So when you taste failure, don’t lose heart. Introspect. See what could have gone wrong. You can learn a lot from introspection.


The journey of self-growth always begins with a commitment to yourself – a commitment to treat yourself well and take proper care. You need to be your first priority. If you are happy and content, you can make others happy. If you are your best, you can give your best to others. So commit to the process. Take good care of yourself. Be nice to yourself; be kind. When you fail, don’t be harsh on yourself.

You can’t change yourself by turning a key or pressing a button. Self-change does not happen overnight. It is a process that takes time and effort. You need to work on it. You need discipline. The opportunity usually presents itself in the form of a failure. Successes don’t do much to help us grow as individuals. They simply inflate our ego. Failures, on the other hand, are the road to self-discovery.

Pause. Get some rest.

If you are constantly in motion, you need to pause and get some rest. If you are always rushing towards the next thing, you are missing out on your life. You are forgetting to live to the fullest. You are not supposed to simply go through the actions like a machine. You are not a robot. The moment this realization dawns on you, you will open the door to self-discovery and growth.

This transformation will change your life. And when you realize this, you will thank the pain, mistakes, and failures. They force you to introspect. They force you to look at life from another angle. They force you to stop in your track. If it weren’t for those bad moments, you wouldn’t get an opportunity to change. You wouldn’t get an opportunity to grow. So be grateful to trying times. Be grateful to failures. They help you reinvent yourself. They help you discover hidden potentials. The moment you begin to look at challenges as opportunities, your entire life will change. Part of this journey involves taking actions that will aid self-growth.

Give a vent to those emotions

Negative emotions that you have been suppressing for a long time will ultimately explode at some point and cause a great deal of damage to yourself and other people in your life. You can give a vent to your pent-up emotions through journal writing, self-reflection, and meditating. This will also help you see your failures differently. By pouring your emotions on a piece of paper, you will be able to take their weight off your shoulders.

Introspection will help you explore your vulnerabilities. It will also make you freer. The moment you accept your failures, the pain in your chest will subside. Toss your ego aside and start owning your mistakes. Accept your fault. You are not perfect; nobody is perfect.

Introspection will expose your pains and flaws. But ultimately, it will lead to growth. It is about realizing that life is essentially a journey through mountaintops and low valleys. You have to accept the highs and lows. They are an important part of your life. The key to finding happiness is to learn to accept both success and failure. Even the most successful people taste failure every now and then. It is the truth. In order to live a fulfilling life, you need to take care of yourself: physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Connect with your inner-self on a regular basis. Introspect, read, reflect, and write. These are powerful techniques to feel and experience your true self.