Depression – Recognize it, Handle it, Beat it

Depression can happen to anyone. It is an evil that many of us constantly fight with. With today’s fast paced lifestyle, depression has become way more common than it was in the times when life was much simpler.

Depression will make you want to run away from life. It will cost you your family, friends and job. But life is not something you can avoid. You have to go on with it no matter what.

All of us want to lead a normal life free of major upheavals. It is perfectly possible if you are willing to change your mindset. Depression is a curable condition. If you really want to beat it, you can beat it.

Are you a pessimist or an optimist?

A pessimist never sees a chance. They are doomed for life. Optimists, on the other hand, don’t give up that easily. They believe that they can grow and recover.

There is a strong connection between depression and pessimism. Depressed people are also pessimistic. It is this pessimism that makes depression more depressing. Pessimistic people believe that nothing will ever work out for them. So, they give up all hope and let life dictate terms to them. Isn’t that a horrible way to live life?

You can’t always blame your depression on chemical imbalances in your brain. In many cases, it stems from your own environment and life choices. If you make the right choices and fix the environment, you will be able to beat depression.

It is hard to stay positive when pessimism raises its ugly head. But if you were raised as an optimist, your odds of beating depression are high. Here are a few ways to beat depression.

Don’t assume that life is unfair

Life might seem to be unfair, but the truth is that when you manage to overcome your negative thoughts and emotions, life becomes happier and easier.

Don’t treat yourself as a victim

The victim mentality will never help your case. Take responsibility for all that happens to you. You are not a victim. You can’t be either.

Nip negativity in the bud

Negativity can creep into your life through seemingly innocuous mediums. Violent TV shows and depressing newspaper reports can all give the impression that the world is a hostile place to live in. Stay away from them.

Stop being misery’s companion

Stay away from pessimistic people. This can be a problem if you have pessimists living under the same roof as you. Feelings like compassion and empathy are important, but don’t allow negative people to bring negativity into your life.  Acknowledge negative feelings, but don’t hold them close to your chest.

Don’t brood over failures and disappointments.

Just because you failed to complete one task does not mean that you will fail to complete all tasks. When you experience a failure, try to complete another project successfully. This will send out some positive signals to your brain

Be grateful for all that you have

There is no harm in trying to achieve more. But you should also acknowledge all the little things in your life. Be thankful for the good health you enjoy. Be grateful for your family, job and home.

Do someone a good turn

No, you don’t have to donate millions of dollars to charities to make yourself helpful and useful. There are several inexpensive ways to bring a smile to another person’s face.

Share a meal with a hungry child, compliment a colleague on her good looks or help a blind man cross the road. If you look around, you will find plenty of opportunities to help people and spread cheers.

Everybody makes mistakes. Slip-ups are very common. Don’t complain just because it is easy to complain. Instead, take responsibility. Understand that you are the only person who can change your life. Drugs and therapists might be able to help you, but they can’t win this battle for you. You have to win it yourself.

Photo Source: cocoparisienne