Defeating Chaos and Stress: How to Use Zen Mind to Let Go

Defeating Chaos and Stress - How to Use Zen Mind to Let Go

Stress is usually gauged by how we react to different situations. For some folks, something as common as heavy traffic can be the trigger. Others might seem calm in such situations, but start fretting as soon as someone points a gray hair. Stress is essentially our emotions and the way we perceive situations. This is where the Zen mind can help us. Also known as the ‘Art of letting go’, Zen mind advocates forgetting the past, not fixating on the present, and not obsessing about the future. I have a few tips for you about how to relieve stress in a practical way.

Deep breathing can work wonders, just try

The simple process of taking deep breaths alleviates anxiety and the feeling of suffocation that overcomes during stressful times. It eases the muscle tension associated with being stressed. Deep breathing is easy and doesn’t need much practice. I do it to focus better and achieve a higher level of consciousness.

Smile—it’s easy, free, & unclogs the mind

It might sound a bit far-fetched, but smiling has an unarguable logic to its curative effects. When we smile, the body releases happy hormones. These are dopamine and serotonin. When released in the bloodstream, these biochemicals induce an instant feeling of wellness. This is why if you force yourself to smile just once or twice, chances are that many involuntary smiles will follow. It is like a chain reaction that you just need to start with the most minimal of effort!

Be grateful for what you have

Contemporary lifestyles are defined by our possessions. As a result, the absence of a few things can stimulate a feeling of self-pity. Smiling at such a time might seem difficult. Instead, try to take stock of what the universe has given you. Remember, most people in the world are still without sufficient food and access to clean, drinking water. Just take a few minutes to appreciate what you have. This is an easy way to negate the effects of stress and regain mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

Make your inner self your life’s Google

Folks who often wonder about how to relieve stress don’t realize that one of the most effective solutions lies within them. This is the human mind. When stressed, our thinking goes wary. Rather than finding simple answers to questions, we start thinking about the worst-case scenarios. Nervous energy overtakes our wisdom. Our minds have a natural, inbuilt ability to unearth answers to seemingly unfeasible situations. Try to clear random thoughts from your mind and concentrate on what is really bothering you. Feed this question to your inner-self and allow your conscience and intellect to find the answers.

Don’t fret the journey, focus on the outcome

One of the most common effects of stress is a tangled mind. In this situation, we are pushed towards thinking about the possibility of negative outcomes. Every goal we have set for ourselves entails a journey that should be undertaken. However, every journey cannot be smooth. Problems will definitely surface. When I am in such a situation, I always try to abandon pessimism. Instead, I think about the feeling of accomplishment and pride that achieving my goal will present.

Everybody needs help, so why the hesitation?

Zen mind is welcoming towards seeking help. When stressed, our best judgment is impaired. It seems reasonable to seek an alternate opinion from someone who is trustworthy. Sometimes, a different perception can provide answers that a stressed mind cannot think through. Help can be sought through online forums or a common friend who is just a phone call away.

Handle easy-to-address causes first

Most people believe that the cause of their mental trauma is complex. However, the cause can often be so insignificant that we cannot acknowledge its presence. For instance, rushing to and fro, between home and office could trigger anxiety. A basic change of habits like waking-up early and wrapping-up work systematically can diffuse this issue.

The measures discussed above could be preventative or therapeutic. However, adopting them is easy. Try to incorporate these in your daily regimen and find your stress melting away.