Confident People Do Things Differently, Not Different Things

Confident People Do Things Differently, Not Different Things

Do you often find yourself clueless about why you haven’t achieved any of your life goals? You might have tried your best to raise the quality of your life – professionally and personally, and still your life goals seem like a distant dream. On the other hand, your lesser-qualified colleagues are climbing the ladder of success. The frustration is fueled even more when your friends seem to be progressing even when they are not working half as hard as you. I have personally known this frustration where it seems like the universe isn’t being fair to me. This feeling of despair can be almost crippling. Is it that you have been doing everything right but missing the most important ingredient to succeed?

I am Talking About Being Unapologetically Confident

When you are self-confident, you exude an undeniable aura of being assured, someone in charge of the situation. This is like a source of positive energy potent enough to attract success and repel failure. Not just progressing at your job, building self confidence can raise your overall quality of life. Highly-confident people aren’t different than you. They just know how to use self-confidence as a weapon to tide over challenging times and to make good times even better.

Some people are blessed with self-confidence while some, like me, need to cultivate it. Either way; to become result-oriented, you need to develop this skill.

Does it mean I can replace hard-work with self-confidence? This would be twisting the essence of my dialogue. Think of the situation as the same dish being prepared by two chefs. Both chefs might have worked equally hard at cooking the dish. However, the difference lies in serving the dish. One chef uses a special ingredient—sprinkling lots of self-confidence. The flavor of confidence is overpowering. Life is similar to this dish and you are the chef!

How do confident folks do things differently?

I am listing some common traits found among confident and successful people. Most of these can be easily adopted. Self-confident people:

Acknowledge, Accept, and Face Fear

You might be hard-working but this doesn’t mean your mindset is perfect for achieving success. If you have the habit of panicking, and cannot stay calm when the going gets tough, you are more likely to fail. Confident people acknowledge that there will be moments when uneasiness and anxiety will take over. They accept this is as an inescapable aspect of life. They don’t have secret weapons to stay calm during a crisis. They have pre-conditioned their mind to face life and not seek an escape route.

So, how to improve self esteem and build confidence?

Confident people are more assured that eventually things will turn around. This habit of positive thinking helps them to stay afloat when everything seems to be sinking. Once you start accepting fear, it won’t be able to eat away your confidence. Just make peace with the fact that every now and then your life will be rocked by uncertain circumstances. This might happen more to you than your friends. Don’t calculate or compare such things. Instead, talk to yourself that the present catastrophe will end and your persistence will pay.

Explore Outside Their Comfort Zone

My observations have affirmed one belief—people branded as “winners” are essentially doers. Procrastinators can never become achievers. People who think beyond the obvious and work outside their zone of comfort are more likely to succeed. You might have a very hectic schedule but this doesn’t mean that you cannot pursue your passions. You can always earn more, get a bigger house, be more committed to your loved ones, or get a better job. The comfort zone is like a cocoon around most of us. We are inherently afraid to look beyond it.

How to get out of your comfort zone?

The security associated with doing things in a predictable way can sometimes blind us from our ambitions.

Yes, life can be overbearing at times. It is good to take a break and let go of the tensions. However, don’t make this a habit. Plan things with the aim of completing them—procrastinators find excuses whereas champions conquer the task.