Please watch the Video by Prince Ea with you full Attention.  The video will super charge you on Sunday Monday and it’s a fact statement. We all have big dreams and we can make our dream come true by taking only ONE action at a time.  I suggest that you watch the video every morning at [...]

The Solution To ANY Problem – Face It And Move On

An African tribesman wanted to test his three sons to deduce who would be the best choice to succeed him as leader of the tribe. For this, he devised a test. He had the entire tribe assemble around a lone tree – large and commanding. He told his sons to find a way down a [...]

Do You Wish To Be Happy? Something Needs to Change NOW

“Only those who risk going too far can possibly find how far a person can go.” – TS Eliot. How to be happy? By reaching out of your comfort zones and taking risks. Comfort zones are where dreams go to die. The real world begins at the edge of a person’s comfort zone, at the [...]

A Guide and an Insight for Emotionally Sensitive People to Win in Life

Why are you so sensitive? Why do you let it bother you? Can you just drop it and let it go? Why are you so depressed? Why do you let it get to you? If you are an emotionally driven person, you might be familiar with the above phrases. I, like you, frequently feel overwhelmed [...]

Feel Lost in Daily Life? Try These Suggestions to Find a Direction


What does Monday morning mean to you – the start of a five-day dreadful period to drain you out until the weekend arrives? We all share this feeling once in a while, but some of us feel that quite often, and this is a terrible way to start the week. But is it truly your [...]

Two Secrets to Staying Motivated

You probably won’t believe this, but you need only two things to keep yourself motivated. The first one is to make things enjoyable. The second one is to benefit from the positive pressure that our society exerts on us. Here is how to use these two tools to stay motivated. It’s Motivation, Not Discipline To [...]

Sticking With Your Past is the Most Uncool Thing You Can Do

Our mind doesn’t rest even for a second when we are awake. It constantly keeps itself preoccupied with thoughts. However, by constantly thinking about the past and the future, our mind is denying us an opportunity to live in the present. We hardly ever realize what is happening right now. As a result, we fail [...]

The Power of Intention and Belief

the world around us

A week ago, a Yale University neurologist, Steven Novella, published a two-part blog-post titled Can Thinking Change Reality? It is an interesting read. He is a professional. He boasts of a solid scientific background. He brings a new perspective on table, which is good. Steven’s post is not a research article. His write-up is a [...]

Be That Which You Wish To Become

Be That Which You Wish To Become

There are plenty of self-help books/articles that talk about realizing your true potential or how to discover your passion and being what you really wanted to become. I feel that these resources are often a bit too lenient. The harsh truth is seldom discussed—there are no secrets to achieving happiness. We chose to become the [...]

Steve Jobs – The Power of Vision

Steve P Jobs - Apple Product Guru

Steve Jobs: The Power of Vision Steve Jobs was unarguably the greatest CEO of our time. Although he is mostly popular for his company Apple that gave iPhone, iPad, and iWatch; he was much more than that. He was a visionary who led two of the most innovative and valuable organizations in the world. One [...]