Be That Which You Wish To Become

Be That Which You Wish To Become

There are plenty of self-help books/articles that talk about realizing your true potential or how to discover your passion and being what you really wanted to become. I feel that these resources are often a bit too lenient. The harsh truth is seldom discussed—there are no secrets to achieving happiness. We chose to become the individual we have become. Blaming fate or other people is just a false defense mechanism. It is probably due to the fact that accepting our mistakes can be too unnerving. We try to hide from the truth by creating a false circle of comfort. However, these solutions are rather short-lived. The real answer lies in introspection and breaking through the clutter of complacency and pessimism.

Don’t Hold Back When You Introspect

Most of us live our lives in accordance with what people around us moralize or things the society regards as ‘normal’. You need to delve deeper into your feelings. You have to find out what really gives you a true sense of self-worth. This process might make you question the influence your parents or friends have had on your life. To touch base with your true feeling, you need to erase the random thoughts that crowd the mind. For this, following the Zen philosophy meditating to re-connect with your soul is very helpful. I recommend just 10 to 15 minutes of daily meditation. This will help to clarify your mind, helping you identify the thoughts that have held you back. You might realize some bitter truths about yourself, but eventually, this process will heal you.

Don’t Feel Inadequate

You might feel overwhelmed upon realizing that you have let yourself astray, following what others preached. This journey of not having listened to your mind could run into years. This can be very disheartening. You might feel that your entire existence has been pointless. However, this isn’t the case. Even if you have erred in judgment, there are things you have accomplished.

Every job you did, every interview you failed or aced, the relationships you formed, and the problems you overcame are all worthy of being praised. The path to becoming what you really wanted to be is essentially a process of fixing some mistakes. It doesn’t involve redoing your entire life up to this juncture. Embrace the skills you have gained over time. Being good at fixing leaking faucets or flying kites is also an integral part of a truly fulfilling life.

Get Ready for the Grind

Once you start searching for the answers, the truth will surface in the most barefaced manner. It might mean that accomplishing your new set of goals requires changing your entire schedule. You might need to attend classes after completing office hours or travel on weekends rather than spend time with your family. Mentally, get prepared for this grind. There are no easy ways to undo what you have messed-up.

Take pleasure in the fact that you are brave enough to accept your mistakes and correct them. If you share your plans, it is possible that some people might be harsh with their judgments. You need to have the conviction to stand your ground. Don’t get overpowered by what others say. Make a conscious choice to hang out with people who can understand your mindset. Keep yourself open to constructive criticism. Try to invest in relationships that support this journey of re-discovering yourself.

Dream Big, Start Slow but Don’t Procrastinate

Doing what you really desire might include looking for an alternate career or moving out of your house. Yes, these are not one-minute decisions. I don’t expect you to find an alternate accommodation in two days. However, talk to yourself that you need to begin sooner than later. The more you plan for the future, greater are the chances that you will turn into a procrastinator. Getting obsessed with the finer details of your plan can derail you from your bigger objective. Create a plan for yourself. For instance, to restart your training in music, you need to shift to your uncle’s house. Talk to your parents about this. Assure them that being at your uncle’s home will not inconvenience anybody. Pacify them by promising weekly visits. Now, set a date by which you should be packed. Similarly, make your travel bookings and get the earliest ticket to pursue your dreams.