Bad Habits in the Family and How to Deal With Them


Hey there, I’ve been sharing some of my views with you, and I’ve received a tremendous response – thank you so much for all your love. However, I’ve been caught up in a lot of work of late, and I’m unable to post very frequently. So I’ve decided to post once a month from now on. Hope you guys will stick with me and keep reading. This month I’ll discuss how to handle it when your family doesn’t share your views about a healthy lifestyle.

You might be taking great care of your health, but what if your own family is not ready to adapt to this lifestyle? It gets frustrating – you’re trying to stay fit and eat healthy, while they gorge on junk food. How can you get them on board too?

Children generally are picky eaters and want to eat junk food instead of healthy home-made meals. This is why most people have these problems with their kids. What can you do? How can you make them live a healthy lifestyle? I have some tips for you.

Stop worrying

The first step is to stop worrying about it. No matter how much we love our children, we need to understand that ultimately, it’s their choice and not ours. We can surely guide them towards the right path, but we can’t force them. The worst thing that you can do about their bad habits is stress yourself. Stress is only going to downgrade your health, so make sure you don’t worry over it too much.

Be an inspiration

If you want them to eat salads and exercise regularly, make sure you do the same too. If you think, “Hey, I can’t exercise because I have to go to the office, but YOU guys should do it,” you’re setting a bad example. Include salad in your daily meal planning. Go cycling with your kids, and play catch with them. Kids are generally looking for some challenge. If you could create a game for them involving veggies and salads, they might want to change their habits.

Create an environment

If you keep cakes and baked goodies in the pantry, they will want to eat them. You need to create an environment that promotes healthy living. Come up with challenges for your kids. For example, you can go hiking together, or just walk on a trail and see who reaches the end first. Also, instead of going to restaurant and malls, you can take them for picnics where you can walk together and have home-cooked meals.

Do it positively

If you force them to do something, they will take it in a negative way and never show interest in it. However, if you show it to them in a positive light, they will start liking it. If you do meditation daily, you can offer them to do it with you. However, don’t force them. They can try it for a couple of times, and continue doing if they like it. Also, make sure you discuss with them what you’re doing about your health and say that you’re proud of it. They will feel a sense of accomplishment when they do something healthy. It’s a good idea to discuss health related issues with them. However, make sure you don’t bore them, else they won’t be interested.

Don’t pressurize

The key is to do it subtly and not pressurize them. Just think about your own childhood and how you got irritated when grownups tried to force something on you. Children generally lack patience, and you cannot force healthy habits on them. Even if you force them to eat healthy at home, they might eat junk food outside. This is why you must influence them in a gentle way. And even if they don’t listen to you, don’t get frustrated. Let them choose what they want to eat, but try to guide them in the right way without stressing yourself over it.

And in the end, each one has different desires. While you may want to have a healthy lifestyle, your kids might choose to eat all the junk food they can find. It’s always a good idea to give them healthy options, but you really can’t force them into healthy habits. It’s best to accept that each one has his own choices – even if they’re your kids. Stay healthy, exercise, eat fruits and veggies, and promote this lifestyle to your kids, but leave room for them to make a choice. After all, it’s their life.

Photo Source: Pixabay