Are You Really Honest To Yourself? Learn How to Commit To Your Own Belief and Truth


We are meant to live and survive as a society. But who we want to be and how we want to live are supposed to be our decision. As individuals, are we able to do the things we want to do, for ourselves? What stops us? What’s stopping you? There are many things that act as road blockers and discourage us from realizing our dreams. To beat them, you need to be determined and courageous.


Stand in front of a mirror and ask the person in there, ‘what do you believe in?’ Your lifestyle, your work, and your entertainment sources – are they based on what you like and want? Most probably the answer would be no, except if you’re one of these gifted few. You study and you work to meet your expectations. But what if those expectations actually belong to your family, partner, or society?

There are so many success stories about people who have gone ahead for a career change and have bagged achievements after crossing the age of 30 or 40. They moved to a completely different field, of which they had less experience and low exposure. They made that choice in spite of all the warnings and mocking. All they had with them was their passion and belief. They believed in themselves and their dreams. These achievers had to face a lot of struggle and pain, but they kept going; because every problem and challenge was worth the trouble. They were following their own belief and dreams, and that took care of the required motivation. And do you know how these people started their journey? They asked the person in the mirror, ‘what do you believe in?’


There many people among us who feel that what can’t be achieved by others, can’t be achieved by them. But there are those of us who feel they are different. That’s because they are always wondering how they would do a certain thing which is challenging for others. Are they too confident, or simply unreasonable? Maybe both. And perhaps, that is our truth.

There’s a wise quote that says, ‘All the progresses in the world depend on the unreasonable.’ So if people around you often find you unreasonable whenever it comes to making critical decisions, accept the fact that it is your nature. You might hide from others, but what about your conscience? That person in the mirror? You have to accept and embrace your truth. Many of your friends and family members might not like this truth. But you have to be the first person to stand by yourself. Eventually, others will start accepting, or at least carry some respect for it. Your truth and your thoughts are your true identity. Whatever you like to do and the way you like to do it, is your truth. If creative work excites you, then that is your truth. If adventurous activities make you feel alive, then that is your truth. No matter how people close to you feel about these things, truth is – you are what you are.

If you fear something, let that be your own fear. Many times, we hear a lot about the things which can’t be done. But we often come across someone who turns the most difficult ideas into reality. Was that someone just lucky? Why can’t you be lucky too? There’s a saying that there are more chances of you being struck by lightning than of you winning a lottery. True. However, that means you still have a chance. Highly negligible, yes, but there’s a chance. And you get that chance only if you buy a lottery ticket. Without buying the ticket, the chances are ZERO. Same goes with life, following your truth and belief may or may not lead you to your dreams. But if you accept other’s fears and don’t move at all, then there are ZERO chances of you ever making it to your dreams.