Are You Broken? Let me fix you.

 Let me fix you.

You seem depressed, forlorn, weary and tired of the world. You seem to have given up.

Let me fix you.

The world is a difficult and unforgiving place, unsuitable for a sensitive person like you.

Let me fix you.

You spend too much time alone, with your books and dreams. Spending more time socializing will benefit you.

Let me fix you.

You aim too high. Be realistic, we cannot reach the stars, all of us have limitations. If you continue with your head in the clouds you will end up losing contact with reality.

Let me fix you.

You are broken, let me fix you.

No, I am not broken, I don’t need fixing.

I am not depressed or forlorn; I am thoughtful. I am not tired of the world, but very observant of it. I am a person of empathy: your pain is my pain because I perceive emotions.

My empathy is my weapon; I don’t need fixing.

I am an introvert, a thinker, a philosopher. My thoughts are my companions, and I cherish the hours I spend alone because they are so productive.

My intellect is my shield; I don’t need fixing.

I am a person of action: once I set my mind on something I will not stop until the goal is reached, however far-fetched the goal may be. My head might be in the clouds, but my feet are firmly on the ground.

My action is my word; I don’t need fixing.

In spite of this I am an optimist: the future of the world looks bright to me, I see happiness in everything, and want to see everyone happy.

My positivity is my medicine; I don’t need fixing.

I am who I am, and I am comfortable in my own skin; I don’t need fixing.

For a long time I thought I was broken. No, that’s misleading. People around me thought I was broken, so I thought too.

“You’re too sensitive, too shy, too insecure, too quiet, too lonely, too rash, too directionless, too unplanned, too dreamy …”

The commentary never seemed to cease. Everywhere I went everybody seemed to have an opinion about how I should be – which always was someone I was very different from.

I tried, I tried to follow their lead. I tried to become a different person altogether. But every time I tried, it hurt me inside. I was trying too hard to be someone I was not.

That’s when I concluded – there was nothing to fix in the first place. We are perfect the way we are. Of course we have imperfections, but these imperfections make us who we are, they make us perfect.

There is nothing to fix.

If you find yourself suffocated by demands to change by people around you, I hope these three notes will help you the way they helped me:

1) You are not broken; there is nothing to fix.

There is no such thing as a right or wrong path. Each of us has our own interpretations of perfection, it is highly subjective. So give a deaf ear to another person’s version of character, and follow your own lead. Pay no heed whatsoever to others’ jibes.

2) Use your gifts productively to live a life you love living.

Recognize, cherish, and understand your personal strengths and use them to better your way of life so that you maintain a positive outlook on everything. By doing this you can create a work life and personal life that you will enjoy living.

3) Forgive the people who offer to “fix” you.

Forgive such people – some may have bad intentions, some may really be concerned, but harboring ill feelings towards people will not benefit you in any way. So just let it go.

Photo Source: AegenFa