Achieve Prosperity with These Practical Steps

Achieve Prosperity with These Practical Steps


People associate prosperity with material gains or a mental state of absolute bliss. However, prosperity cannot be quantified by what you own. Similarly, being prosperous doesn’t mean having a totally untroubled mind—this is something that spiritual leaders or monks strive to achieve.

What is prosperity?

Comprehensive prosperity is a combination of physical and mental aspects. Economic prosperity is necessary to feel contented, but this doesn’t mean blindly chasing money. You also need to have a healthy mindset. To be truly prosperous, you should strive for financial resources necessary to meet your expectations. Along with this, a calm mind that is free from self-doubt and anxiety is critical. When you achieve these two parameters, you are truly on the path of prosperity.

Sometimes people equate prosperity with working hard. It is necessary to be driven. You should have a few goals in life that motivate you to try harder. However, logging endless hours at your job doesn’t serve the purpose if it makes you bitter and unhealthy.

Let’s talk about some simple factors that can make you prosperous. For instance, decluttering your mind is important. A mind conquered by negative thoughts or obsessed with money cannot be truly progressive. I am sharing some practical steps that can make you prosperous:

Donate and Share More

I have observed that most people aren’t too enthusiastic about the idea of sharing. At most, it extends to picking-up the dining tab or tipping the waiter. The Zen theory talks about the art of letting go. This applies to sharing your monetary resources too, i.e. getting over the obsession of always wanting more. Donating or charity can help in calming your mind. The act of giving is therapeutic. It heals the emotional scars that you carry. If you don’t have much to share, try working for charitable organizations. Here, you are giving your personal time.

The feeling of helping someone is parallel to the feeling of achievement. This kind of happiness is purely yours. It can cure negative attitude and the grudges you carry.

The act of giving has to be understood from a spiritual perspective too. The law of karma emphasizes this principle. It believes that every person should indulge in charity since the act of giving money ensures that you receive more money. This doesn’t mean donating to the extent that you are left bankrupt—don’t overdo it but do it consistently. Even if the principles of the law of karma don’t appeal to you, please believe that sharing can holistically heal the mind. A healthier mind, free from the clutter of pessimism and frustration, is more likely to prosper.

Avoid Actions that Induce Guilt

Whether it is stealing, lying, or having an affair; try not to indulge in things that make you feel guilty. Remorse, if unexpressed, tends to weigh heavily on the mind. The resulting anger and shame can make you averse to actions/thoughts that help to prosper. Similar emotions that should be avoided include envy. It is good to have a healthy sense of competition. However, jealousy is extremely toxic in nature. It can take over your mind and induce a kind of malevolence that becomes a part of your personality.

Cultivate Empowering Thoughts

To empower yourself with the confidence and wisdom that ensures emotional and economic prosperity, try to nurture positive emotions. This includes creativity, gratitude, and enthusiasm. These traits will make you more receptive towards success in personal and professional life. Don’t give up dreaming. In fact, dare to dream big and give it your best shot. Working harder towards your goals is like a positive affirmation. It will give you the self-belief to break the shackles and embrace prosperity.

With these simple steps, you can gain true prosperity. Remember that I’m not talking of just economic prosperity. The true prosperity is the feeling of being calm and contented, and not just about acquiring a lot of wealth.