7 Healthy Behaviors That Are Often Considered Unhealthy

Photo Source: changecoachinginstitute.com

Being authentic is the healthiest way to behave. Still, we often suppress or mask our authentic behaviors because we think that they are unhealthy. Your body and mind know what is right for you, so don’t suppress your wants and needs. In this article, we will examine some healthy behaviors that are often considered as unhealthy.

Expressing anger

Expressing anger can be a liberating experience, but we often try to suppress it. Anger is a spontaneous negative emotion that you experience when you are wronged. You need to release it. This will create a positive change in your life. If you do not express anger, it will create a great deal of distress and may also lead to rage or depression.

So when you are angry, try to express that emotion in a positive way. Don’t suppress it. Remember that anger is a natural emotion and its purpose is to protect you from unwanted sufferings or unpleasant situations.

Being Lost

We feel lost when we lose our sense of purpose or direction. But when we’re lost, it actually makes us more aware of our surroundings, our emotions, and our instincts. People who found themselves lost in a foreign country almost always made some great discoveries while trying to find their way. This theory is applicable in life as well. Remember that the journey is as important as the destination. Sometimes, when you are lost, you may discover new talents or meet interesting people who may change the course of your life. The fact that you are lost now does not mean that you’ll be lost forever.


Crying is a healthy reaction to certain unpleasant situations. Most people, especially men, suppress the urge to cry. They think that it is unmanly. But by suppressing their tears, they aren’t doing themselves any good. Of course, you are not supposed to cry all the time, but don’t hesitate to honor those moments that bring you to tears. When you cry, it helps you to release the negative energy that is pent up inside you. People who cry tend to have soft personalities. They can feel and care. This makes them more attractive as partners and friends. On the other hand, people who don’t shed a tear come across as unsympathetic and unemotional, so don’t feel ashamed to cry.

Being alone

Loneliness is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes being alone gives you an opportunity to dive into your inner self. Remember that the world’s greatest thinkers and writers found great value in solitude. It inspired their creativity. So if you feel the need to spend some time by yourself, honor it.

Not listening

If you don’t listen to others, you might come across as an arrogant person. But are you supposed to listen to everything that everybody tells you? No. There are several occasions when you have to trust your intuition, so listen to your inner voice. Sometimes, it just doesn’t make sense to listen to others. If you always listen to what others tell you, you will lose your sense of direction. So trust your gut feeling.

Breaking the rules

Break the rules if they are unjust. Rules are not perfect and they are meant to be broken. Some of the world’s greatest rule breakers are also some of the greatest people who ever lived on this planet. Think about Gandhi and Martin Luther King Junior. They both broke rules that were not just.

Not fitting in

When we were teenagers, we all felt that need to fit in. We fit in when our thoughts and feelings are in tune with those of our community. This, however, does not mean that we have to fit in all the time. Some of the world’s greatest innovators were not exactly good at fitting in. They wanted to explore the world outside commonly accepted thoughts and beliefs. This allowed them to forge new paths that others eventually followed.